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buffalo wild wings customer survey

Buffalo Wildwings Survey

Hello friends,

If you have recently visited buffalo wildwings, then you can participate in the buffalo wildwings survey. This article is going to guide you to know what exactly you should do to participate in the buffalo wildwings survey.

Buffalowildwings surveys are done regularly conducted by Buffalo Wild Wings, to get the idea about the customer mindset about the company. With buffalowildwings surveys, the company can know what to improve and how to improve. The survey helps the company know the key points of improvements like its services, environment or atmosphere or theme, its way of treating the customers.

about buffalo wild wings

So all of this is possible to do with the Buffalowildwings surveys.

The good thing is the buffalo wild wings surveys are online surveys that can be attended right from your home or any other place. So you have to spare some minutes to finish the survey and you will make sure to complete this survey as soon as possible as these buffalo wild wings surveys have a time limit of only 48 hours. So if you do not complete your Buffalowildwings survey in the given 48 hours, the receipt, coupon, and survey invitation will not be useful.

The Buffalowildwings survey can be completed only on the www.bwwlistens.com survey website so make sure you have a laptop or personal computer with you to open this survey.

Participating in this survey, you can express your thoughts on the services, food and the way staff treated you. If you genuinely felt good at the place, you can positively express yourself on the www.bwwlistens.com survey website. But if you felt that some points need attention from the company, then you will need to point out those honest suggestions to Buffalo Wild Wings.

buffalo wild wings coupon

After completing buffalowildwings survey on bwwlistens, you will get a reward coupon. So it is not just a free survey that you have to attend but you are given a chance to avail of this BWWlistens Survey Coupon Code next time you visit the Buffalo Wild Wings.

Buffalo Wild Wings Survey Details

Name of this Survey Buffalo Wild Wings Guest-Satisfaction Survey
Official URL of the Survey bwwlistens.com
Prize of the Survey Offer of getting $5 off $25
Validity of the Buffalo Wild Wings Receipt 48 hours or 2 Days
Expiry of the offer 14 days since the date of the receipt
Limit of the Survey 1 Person, 1 Receipt
Limit of the Buffalo Wild Wings Offer 1 Person, 1 Receipt, 1 Visit

What is Buffalo Wild Wings?

It all started back in 1982 when two people Jim Disbrow and Scott Lowery came to Ohio. Earlier they were living in Buffalo, New York.  These two fellows were craving wings not just some wings but as popularly known New York-style –  Chicken Wings. At the time there was no other restaurant that provided chicken wings in their nearby area.

buffalo wild wings food

It is not just chicken wings that the Buffalo Wild Wings provides but also several other delicious dishes. One could be surprised but the dishes include sausages, various seasonings, burgers, salads, appetizers, and who wouldn’t want to use the carry-home or take-away options provided by the restaurant.

Every time you visit a Buffalo WW restaurant, it will surely want to make you feel like the last time. There are two more people to credit the foundation of the Buffalo Wings that are Bernard Spencer and Elizabeth Brock.

The headquarters of the Buffalo Wild Wings is Georgia’s Sandy Springs in the USA. But the restaurants are available in all 50 states with above 1000 locations. You will find the atmosphere too much sport-like that allows you to select your favorite beer, programs for live sports running on the television.

So this was all one need to know I regards to the Buffalo Wild Wings. Now let us understand about requirements of the Buffalo wild wings survey. Then we will go to the steps to complete in the Buffalo wild wings survey.

Requirements for Buffalo Wild Wings Feedback Survey

  • Latest receipt (not older than 48 hours) (it will have the survey invitation)
  • Read and Understand English and Spanish Languages
  • Personal computer or laptop
  • Latest browser
  • Few minutes

How to take Buffalo Wild Wings Survey at BWWlistens.com?

The Buffalo Wild Wings Survey at www.BWWlistens.com can be completed by following the steps, so please pay attention to these steps.

participate in buffalo wild wings survey

  • Add your 16 Digit survey code
  • Click Next to begin the survey
  • Now start answering the questions you are asked.

These questions will be about your last visit and your experience. Remember this is the Buffalo Wild Wings Guest Feedback Survey, so based on your feedback they will learn and improve their services. So your honest feedback or experience is required for this survey.

As soon as you complete the Buffalo Wild Wings Guest Feedback Survey questions, you will be asked to enter in the Sweepstakes offered by Buffalo Wild-Wings. If you want to enter, you can enter your phone contact number asked to you, and if you do not want to enter you can close the BWW Listen’s Survey.

The final step would be to click Submit to complete the BWWlistens Customer Feedback Survey.

buffalo wild wings not accepting survey

Note:  The Buffalo Wild Wings does not conduct the Buffalo Wild Wings Customer Survey any more. If by any chance, it starts doing surveys again then you can participate in it and win the rewards.

Till then, you can use this link – https://www.buffalowildwings.com/en/company/faq/.

You can provide your experience in brief there.

Contact Details

If you are participating in the BWWlistens Customer Feedback Survey for the first time, you may need some assistance or you might face some difficulties. So the below contact details will help you to resolve those problems very easily.

BWW Listen’s Survey URL: bwwlistens.com

Official Website: buffalowildwings.com

Contact Link website: https://www.buffalowildwings.com/en/company/faq/

For a contact number, you need to see where you are situated, as per your location you will get the phone number. You can personally go there or find it online.


We hope you will participate in the Buffalo Wild Wings Guest Experience Survey and win exciting rewards or offers. Completing the Buffalo Wild Wings Guest Experience Survey will get you a BWWlistens Survey Coupon Code.

So if you have any points about the BWWlistens Customer Experience Survey that you think we missed covering, then let us know using the comments.


Why has Buffalo Wild Wings stopped conducting the survey?

As of now, the company does not conduct any Buffalo Wild Wings Survey on the www.BWWlistens.com website but it may start conducting it in the future.

What reward does the customer stand to win if he participates in the Buffalo Wild Wings Customer Survey?

If the customer takes part in Buffalo Wild Wings Customer Survey, he can win bwwlistens.com survey code at the end. The rewards of this buffalo wild wings survey depend upon the company itself.

Why did the company stop the BWWlistens Customer Feedback Survey? How can I share my feedback now?

The Buffalo Wild Wings Guest Feedback Survey is no longer accepted because the company may no longer wish to conduct the www.bwwlistens.com survey.

But still, you can share your experience on the official company website – buffalowildwings.com

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