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ghris payslip online login

Ghris Payslip Login – www.ghris.co.ke

Ghris login is something you’ll learn about today. Every description and every point we have thought in this article about Ghris payslip. If you want to know what else the GHRIS login called then it is Government of Kenya Employee Login. You will learn how to logon to www.ghris.coke payslip 2023 in detail.

Your all issues or difficulties are going to be resolved here at the www ghris coke portal  so you can be less worried about Ghris Payslip Online login. Here you will find all details of Ghris Payslip portal. If you really need guidance with signup, login, or even collecting or printing your payslip online, look no further than this Ghris article.

We shall explain to you through each stage of the Ghris portal – www.ghris.go.ke.  Employees of the Kenyan government can quickly access, download, and examine their pay stubs by going to the www.ghris.coke payslip portal.

Please read this entire post to learn more about www.ghris.coke payslip 2023 login and other related topics.

What is GHRIS Payslip

GHRIS stands for Government Human Resources Information System. The Kenyan government created the GHRIS system for government employees. This Human Resource Information System offers all Kenyan government employees, including major departmental ministries, the defense sector, and all district and state government employees, to verify and download their pay slips.

ghris payslip online

The Kenyan government uses this GHRIS login interface to handle all of its human resource needs.

To listen and implement all requests of HR department, this system was created in-house.

Ghris portal lets the government employees to use the portal to change and update profiles ad check data such as paystubs.

Changing profiles and checking upon details is possible for the Employees of the government.

Who can take advantage of this GHRIS portal:

  • Government of the state, semi-autonomous agencies
  • Ministers, Independent Executives of the State Department and also Executive and Assembly County Constitutional Officers
  • Banks, companies involved in insurance , and other providers of pension are all examples of entities that are third-party.
  • Exclusive services & Assembly-Uniformed Services for the Counties

To learn how to utilize the GHRIS login system, first go to www.ghris.go.ke.

Now that you know a little bit about GHRIS and who can use it, let’s look at the Ghris login requirements and proper procedure.

GHRIS Payslip Login Requirements

You will need the following things to successfully login into GHRIS Payslip.

  • Official website of GHRIS Payslip
  • GHRIS Payslip Online username and password. 
  • Must have internet connectivity
  • A PC, laptop or similar device.

How to Login to GHRIS Payslip Online Account at www.ghris.go.ke

Please follow the Ghris Payslip Online Login instructions for a simple login.

click on government of kenya employee login option

  • Please tap on the ghris online payslip login option as seen in the screenshot above.
  • Now type in your UserID for www.ghris.coke payslip 2023 login. 
  • Use your keyboard or you if you are using other device key for entering the details.
  • Ghris Payslip – password will be required next.
  • Choose the Login option.
  • You can also browse to http://www.ghris.go.ke/loginonly.aspx to see the login direct page .aspx 

login to ghris payslip account

How to Reset GHRIS Payslip Online Login Password

Please follow the www.ghris.go.ke payslip instructions below to reset your Ghris Payslip Online Login password.

click on forgot your password option in ghris portal

  • Please click on Forgot your Ghris password referring to the above image.

reset ghris payslip login password

  • You are supposed to provide all the details asked in the Ghris Password reset form for resetting Ghris Payslip Online login.
  • Click Submit after entering all the key details.

GHRIS Payslip Login Help

We’ve tried to provide all of the information we can on the GHRIS payslip login, as well as a step-by-step protocol for what to do if you forget your GHRIS payslip login password, but if you have any questions or concerns about the GHRIS portal, please contact us at the address provided below.

Payslip GHRIS Requests for information, feedback, or recommendations
Email Id: Use either [email protected] or [email protected]
Official Web URL: https://www.ghris.go.ke/login.aspx

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We presume you have followed all of the Ghris Payslip Online instructions and have no problems. If you have any problems while logging onto GHRIS, please contact us using the information provided in this page. Please leave your feedback, comments, ideas, and suggestions below if you still have questions about the GHRIS portal or login.


I’m having difficulty accessing the website www.ghris.go.ke.

If you are still having problems logging into GHRIS, please wait and check if your WiFi or internet cable is connected. If the difficulty persists, you must use the ghris payslip login contact information.

On the Ghris portal, how do I view my payslip?

You must first visit the official www.ghris.go.ke login page before proceeding to the www ghris go ke payslip view option. After logging into GHRIS, go to your account and look for the option to view your payslip online at ghris.go.ke.

I want to know more about the Ghris UserID and what it actually means?

Your GHRIS ID or you can call it a UserID is your Full Civil Service personal number. It may be something like 1586699332 or something like 2145698745.

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