When Does Hardees Stop Serving Breakfast – Hardee’s Breakfast Hours 2023

hardees breakfast menu 2022

Hardee’s Breakfast Hours

Hardee’s is a popular restaurant in America, known for its fast food. This chain is spreading in various countries due to its popularity and today, they have around 3828 restaurants around the globe. This restaurant serves freshly made food, and also offers a vast range of items on their menu. If you wish to get to a nice place to take your delicious breakfast, then Hardees breakfast is a better or a great choice.

If you are interested to know more about Hardees breakfast, Hardee’s breakfast hours, and Hardee’s breakfast menu, then stay connected and keep reading this article till the end. 

What time does Hardee’s Stop Serving breakfast – Hardees hours

Hardee’s chain’s Hardees hours may differ in their timings depending on the locations, but if we talk in general, then their opening time is 6:00 an and serves breakfast till 10:30 am. If you go within this duration, we guarantee you, you will get a delicious, healthy, and fresh breakfast. To know the exact time of the Hardee’s, you must log in to their official website and search for Hardees near me, you will get all the details once you are on that page of Hardees near me.

Hardee’s Breakfast Menu

When you look at Hardee’s breakfast menu, you will find amazing dishes to savor and start your day with. hardee’s breakfast menu has below delicious items :

  • Has rounds
  • Biscuits Sausage and Egg
  • Cinnamon and Raisin biscuits
  • Sandwiches
  • Chicken biscuits
  • Egg biscuits

There are many other combos offered by Hardee’s

What Time Does Hardee’s Stop Serving Breakfast at Restaurant?

what time does hardees stop serving breakfast

The hours of starting may be different as per the location but closing time is the same for all the restaurants that are 10:30 in the morning after 10:30 a.m, you can get the breakfast but the menu will be from the lunch menu so we can say that Hardee’s stop serving breakfast at 10:30 am in the morning.

When Does Hardee’s Stop Serving Breakfast to Customers?

As we have read in the above paragraph Hardee’s stop serving breakfast at 10:30 so if you are planning to ask “How long does Hardee’s serve breakfast?” and get up early for your and finish it before 10:30 we believe by now you must know when does Hardee’s stop serving breakfast or how long does Hardee’s serve breakfast

Hardees breakfast menu

As we have seen what time does Hardee’s stop serving breakfast and the list of breakfast items available at Hardee’s, we can see that there are a lot of chicken items, biscuits, combos, sandwiches, sausages, pork, and croissant as the Hardees breakfast menu 

hardees breakfast menu

Hardee’s hours may differ from location to location depending upon the lifestyle of the people residing in that particular area, but the general timings are from 6:30 am to 10:30 pm. To check the exact timing, visit their official website and see Hardee’s hours tab. Finding Hardees near me is a very simple task. If you are curious to know where exactly Hardees near me is located, you simply visit the website and do as directed below to find Hardee’s locations near me

  • First, visit Hardee’s website at hardees.com
  • Second, hit the location button enter your city name state name, and postal zip code
  • Press search, by doing this you will get Hardee’s locations near me.

It will now show you the nearest location on your screen on the left side select whichever is nearest to your location and hit on show more button to check the Hardee’s hours. Once you have selected the nearest location you will come to know about Hardees breakfast. Hardee’s breakfast is something that you want to start your day with. If you don’t want to miss the Hardees breakfast you must comply with Hardees breakfast hours because they are very strict on their time policy. Once the Hardees breakfast hours are over you will not get a chance to eat any of your favorite breakfast items.

If you are aware of what time does Hardee’s open then you will never miss a chance to get your favorite breakfast item but for that, you must keep in mind at what time does Hardee’s open at your nearest location.

New Hardees menu in Breakfast 

Based on the change of preference of the customer Hardees has launched a new Hardees menu in Breakfast, which includes hotcakes breakfast, sandwiches sausages with folded eggs served on to maple hotcakes – syrup side, hotcakes breakfast platter – 3 hotcakes two folded eggs and choice of bacon/sausages so this is something new Hardees menu in Breakfast look like.

Hardee’s breakfast platter

hardees breakfast platter

One of the most favorite items of all customers is Hardee’s breakfast platter this Hardees breakfast platter is made from scratch biscuit N gravy, two folded eggs, two strips of crisp  Bacon and hash rounds, They do have additional options like sausages, country Ham, country steak,  chicken fillet pork chop, and smoked sausages.

hardees Frisco breakfast sandwich is yet another favorite dish of customers, It is made out of Sorough Toast filled with thin Sliced ham, folded eggs, and Americcan and Swiss cheese inside. hardee’s frisco breakfast sandwich is one such delicious item, you must try.

Hardee’s menu specials

hardees menu specials

Hardees menu specials include items like a Breakfast platter with sausage. Sausage biscuits, Hot cake breakfast sandwich, Bacon, egg, and cheese burrito. So, this is Hardee’s menu specials. Hope we are now all clear with the Hardees breakfast time, menu, and special menu. So plan your day keeping in mind Hardee’s breakfast time, so you don’t miss out on the delicious breakfast.

When Does Hardee’s Start Serving Lunch?

when does hardees start serving lunch

We have seen almost all the details about Hardee’s breakfast now let us move towards the lunch part also. You must be having a question when does Hardee’s serve lunch? Does Hardee’s serve lunch also? If yes then what are the Hardee’s lunch hours?

Yes, Hardee’s do serve lunch. Once the breakfast hour is over at 10:30 hardy starts its lunch menu sharp at 10:30 till 4 p.m. So, Hardee’s lunch hours are from 10:30 to 4:00 p.m., Remember this about-“what time does Hardee’s serve lunch!” 

What time does Hardee’s start serving lunch?

So, if you want to know at what time does Hardee’s start serving lunch, please be sure that it starts at sharp 10:30

Hardee’s Contact Details

6700 Tower Circle, Suite 1000
Franklin, TN 37067

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In this article, we have tried to cover, nearly all the information about Hardee’s breakfast and lunch timings, menu’s, special dishes, and till how long does Hardees serve breakfast.


I want to know-“what time does Hardees stop selling breakfast?”

Hardees stop selling breakfast in the morning -[10:30 am] 

How late does Hardees serve breakfast?

As stated Hardees is very punctual, and sells breakfast till 10:30 am only.

When do the restaurants remain closed?

Hardee’s stays close 3 times a year : Christmas Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Easter Sunday.

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