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USPS Customer Feedback survey –

The survey is going to USPS Customer Opinion Survey Guide for the U.S. Postal Service Customer Experience Survey. The U.S. Postal Service Customer Experience Survey available on the website is an official survey from the U.S. Postal service to find out the satisfaction level of the customers. USPS wants to know through the USPS Customer Feedback survey whether the customers enjoy the postal services or it could be better.

The USPS Customer Feedback survey is the best way the customer can express themselves to the USPS. and US Postal allows the participants to join in the USPS Sweepstake to win USPS Coupon Code. USPS Sweepstake is not compulsory to join but those who want to get some additional benefits can find the USPS Sweepstake delightful.

The USPS Quality Survey is accessible through the website Because the USPS PostalExperience Survey is an online survey, there is no trouble for customers to attend it. They can attend it from anywhere like their home or someplace comfortable. But the customers need to be specific about the survey as most of the questions are related to the overall services offered by the U.S. Postal Services.

The purpose of the USPS PostalExperience Survey on is to continuously improve the services it offers to US Citizens. The USPS  Guest Feedback Survey help the agency to know what are the things that the customers are happy about and what the are the points that the customers are not happy about. So the customers can always find the US Postal services best and improved.

About U.S. Postal Service

The United States Postal Service was established not more than few decades ago, in 1971. The United States Postal Services is a government agency and but the roots of the agency dates back to the Second Continental Congress around 1775. During that time Benjamin Franklin was the first Postmaster General. So that makes the agency and services nearly 200 years old.

about us postal service

The USPS has about 227, 000 vehicles, 31000 post offices, and it Delivers around 128 billion mail in a year. Although it is in a government agency, many private players have outperformed some of the services IT offers. So, it wants to improve customer interactions and customer satisfaction. Every day there are thousands and thousands of deliveries of emails to the customers and all of them get timely delivery without worry.

Rules of USPS  Customer Experience Survey

USPS survey requires you to follow the below rules.

  • Must keep the latest receipt of US Postal services as your receipt may contain an invitation for USPS Guest Satisfaction Survey online
  • You should have an idea about English or Spanish languages for the postalexperience/pos
  • Non-transferability of USPS Sweepstake, USPS coupon code, or any other USPS Rewards.

Now you are quite aware of the postal experience – survey rules. Let us see the requirements together.

Requirements of USPS Quality Survey at

Please you need to fulfill the below-given requirements of postal experience – survey.

  • Official PostalExperience site
  • Laptop or Desktop
  • Browser having the latest version
  • Internet connection with good speed 

How to Take USPS Quality Survey at

These are important steps to Survey.

select language and click on next to participate in us portal customer experience survey

  • Select the language from the available English or Spanish
  • Add ZIp code available from your receipt. to continue the postalexperience survey
  • Click Next to move forward with the postalexperience pos survey
  • You will be shown the USPS Location. So please Select if the shown USPS Location is correct.
  • Now begin the come/pos survey by rating your performance.
  • Select if you would recommend someone US Postal
  • Keep clicking the next button once you complete the answers.
  • All of the questions of come/pos survey are mostly multiple-choice questions that you have to select your rating and click next.
  • At the final question, you need to provide a descriptive answer.
  • In the description box, you have to suggest what the US Postal services need to improve
  • Click Next

us portal customer feedback survey completed

  • Wait for a few seconds till the postalexperience pos survey redirects you to the USPS.COM website –

You are only able to do this survey if you have official website and receipt for USPS Quality Survey.

The USPS Feedback Survey is very short so while attending it, try not to shut down the computer or close the window. You can let the USPS know useful information by attending the website for the USPS Feedback Survey. If you face any trouble during the postalexperience/pos survey, do not feel worried.

Use the below contact details to contact any or survey-related problems. 

Contact Details – postalexperience

Facing problems during USPS Guest Satisfaction Survey online? Then worry not if the website is not loading or there is some technical error. Make good use of the available details so that you can troubleshoot your problems on the Survey website.

Any issues related to USPS PostalExperience Survey or Survey website, report on the below details

Conclusion – USPS survey

If you are planning to participate in the USPS Customer Opinion Survey, this USPS Customer Opinion Survey Guide will help in completing the survey without any error. If you think we have not mentioned some key points, please drop your comments.


What do I get for doing the Survey?

By participating in the USPS Customer Opinion Survey, you will get USPS Rewards and a chance to participate in the USPS Sweepstake to win USPS Coupon Code.

What is postalexperience tracking number and where can I find it?

The postalexperience tracking number is usually above 10 digits depending upon the type of delivery. You can find your tracking number on the link. But before opening the link, you can also check the https://postal scanner. This https://postal scanner Is a QR code scanner that lets you easily use the USPS tracking.

Please know more about the tracking number from this link –

Is US Postal Services the largest in the world?

No, currently there is a postal service from India called the Indian Post Services that is noted as the largest postal service in the world.

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