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la madeleine feedback survey at Lamadeleinefeedback com

La Madeleine Survey

La Madeleine Survey is conducted by La Madeleine Cafe to find the satisfaction level of the customers at the cafe during their last visit. Café Madeleine conducts this survey on its official survey website This is a great chance for the customers to win some awesome rewards like the La Madeline coupon code and the La Madeleine gift card promotion.

Did you purchase anything from Café Madeleine or not?

This is a great chance for you to tell the café about your opinion and experience during the visit. There may be many customers who may have visited the cafe but the La Madeleine Corporate only wants an individual’s specific answer and satisfaction.

You just need to spare a few minutes answering the specific La Madeleine questions about your last visit on and you will be on your way after you finish the survey. Your answers are important for the cafe to improve the points that cause you and others dissatisfaction or discomfort. Le Madelaine will check if the answers are genuine or not and finally and will

About the La Madeleine café

La Madeleine Café is a USA-based french café that provides breakfast, sandwiches, soups, Kid’s special menu, Best & delicious bakery items, cafe, and espresso items among others. It offers the café madeleine menu with regular food for regular visitors but it also offers La Madeleine allergen menu info for those customers who want to know about La Madeleine calorie count.

about la madeleine cafe

The Madeline cafe concept was first initiated in 1976 but first it started in Dallas in 1983. This la madeleine corporate has more than 80 restaurant-cafe already and each has a unique feel to it for the customers. Le Madelaine was founded by Patrick Esquerre.

If you want to taste traditional and superb quality french recipes, you must not miss visiting the La Madeline Café

What is the Overall Purpose of LaMadeleinefeedback Survey

The LaMadeleinefeedback survey is conducted by SMG (Service Management Group) for the The ultimate purpose of conducting this survey is to get all kinds of feedback and suggestions from the customers visiting the cafe. Not all customers will have the same experience; some may have enjoyed the atmosphere and quality of LaMedaline so they will give positive LaMadeleinefeedback and others who did not enjoy that much will give their feedback according to their experience. The Lamadsurvey is available on the www lamadeleine com website so the customers need to open and visit it.

la madeleine guest feedback survey

There are questions in the www lamadeleine com survey and all you need to do is answer them honestly and they should be your unique answers.

SMG methods of gathering information from customers?


When it comes to collecting information, the first thing that should come into the minds of any company is Surveys. Usually, the survey serves its purpose by getting useful information with a list of questions. The questions are specifically designed for the customers considering their experience and then after collecting the necessary information relevant for the company, it will be processed and understood by the company.

SMG Services

This is another method by SMG services that collect data/information using Cookies in your browser. The cookies are designed to check your website experience and how much time you spend on particular services. With the help of collecting cookies, the company can find out the exact details it needs to provide the customers with individual experiences.

The Outcome of the LaMadeleinefeedback Survey

The existing customers already love the services provided by the cafe but they need to interact regularly so that they can share if they had a genuine experience with the place.

The survey is equally important for the new customers who have visited the first time or a few times but want to share their unique experience through the survey. 

La Madeleine Calorie Count & Nutrition

The Cafe La Madeleine offers services like calorie count and La Madeleine Allergen Menu that informs the customers about important nutritional facts. The La Madeleine Allergy Menu is important for the customers who want to have complete information about the food they eat.

La Madeleine Café Feedback Survey Details

Survey Name La Madeleine Café Feedback Survey
Survey URL
Survey Reward Coupon Code or Gift Card
Legal Residence USA
Process Online
Entry Limit Unlimited
Age Limit 18+
Language English

Rules To Participate in La Madeleine Customer Survey at

La Madeleine Feedback survey needs its participants & customers to follow the stated rules.

  • survey age limit accepted is 18+
  • The La Madeleine coupon should be used within its validity
  • The customers who have the authority to take the survey com will be able to participate only otherwise they will not be allowed
  • The survey opportunities like the La Madeleine coupon code, La Madeline gift card rewards are not transferable to any known or unknown third person.
  • The survey is only available on the La website
  • You are not permitted to change any content of the survey
  • The customers can get the La Madeleine coupon online.
  • All the SMG service conditions must be followed for the com survey site

The rules available above are important if you want to win the La Madeleine coupon code.

Requirements to Win La Madeline Gift Card Survey

  • You need to have a valid URL Lamadeleinefeedback com
  • Personal computer, laptop, or any other device to open the Lamadeleine feedback survey
  • Personal computer/Laptop useful 4.5 out of 5
  • Tablet – 4 out of 5
  • Smartphone 3 out of 5
  • So use a computer or tablet for the best experience
  • A browser capable of opening the La Madeline feedback site
  • Need to have a fine-working internet connection
  • If you have a receipt, it should be valid for the survey

How To Take La Madeleine Feedback Survey at

take la madeleine survey

  • See the 15 digit survey code in the *receipt
  • Click Start
  • Now you have a chance to answer all the Lamadeleine coupon survey questions.
  • Be specific, authentic, and honest with your answers
  • All the questions of Lamadsurvey are related to your Individual experience.
  • You will be asked to rate your overall La Madeline feedback experience
  • In the options, you will mostly select the right answer from the options.


If you try to open the Lamadeleinefeedback com website, you may get this error/problem on your screen.

The above screen for survey La Madeline on the La may appear because the cafe may have temporarily stopped taking the surveys so that means you will not get the Lamadeleine coupon.

While taking the LaMadeleine feedback survey you should not turn off your computer system or put it to sleep.

You can only get the La Madeleine coupon online or the La Madeleine gift card promotion and you are not supposed to transfer it.

La Madeleine Contact Information

If you want to ask La Madeleine about the Lamadeleinefeedback com survey website not working or information about the use of the La Madeleine catering coupon code then you can use the contact details to inform the company about your matter.

If due to some technical reasons, you did not receive your La Madeleine coupon code online then you need to inform the company immediately because if you do not have the La Madeline coupon, you cannot get the benefits offered by the company. You also need to confirm the validity of the La Madeline coupon code with the company because if you do not use it before the time, then your La Madeleine catering coupon code will not serve its original purpose.

Official Website:

Official Survey Website:

Contact Number: 214.696.6962

Correspondence Address:

12201-Merit Drive.

Suite-900 Dallas, TX-75251


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Hope we have been able to provide what you were looking for in this article about the survey about LaMadeleine feedback. If you want us to add some points or want us to improve our information, please use the comments to inform us all about it.


What is La Madeleine’s Allergy Menu?

Many regular customers enjoy the cafe madeleine menu but the La Madeleine Allergy Menu is a menu specifically designed for the customers who are allergic to eggs, peanuts, shellfish, tree nuts, soy, wheat, MSG, Glutton, Milk (Lactose Intolerant), or Fish, They specifically want to avoid eating these items that can be allergic to their health so the restaurant will prepare the food without these items.

Can I get the Coupon code from the restaurant?

No, you can only get the La Madeleine coupon code online after completing the survey.

Where can I find the nutritional fact menu info?

If you want to know about the nutrition fact menu,

Nutritional Fact Menu link –

You can choose to avoid the Allergen items from the below link.

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