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lcpsgo login

LCPSGo Login –

If you need the best guide about Loudoun County Public Schools portal LCPS Go and the process of LCPSGo login on the official website , then there is no better place than our article about LCPSGo. We understand that the first time always seems problematic for everyone using the login and resetting your login password. 

You will find all the necessary information from the scratch in this article LCPS Go that will help you easily use the LCPSGo portal. LCPS Go Schoology helps you access all the basic facilities that you require from the Loudoun County Public School. So, all you need to have is your LCPS Go login credentials that ensure a secure login.

Without details logging into the LCPSGo portal will be problematic. So, we have explained to you the details that you require for accessing the Go LCPS Org website. But first, let us familiarize ourselves with LCPS.

What is LCPS Go Login

If you want easy access to the student portal of Loudoun County Public Schools, then you must visit the LCPS Go official website URL – Right after you perform LCPSGo login, you will open the main LCPS login page of the web application and get quick access to the files that are either stored on the cloud or at the school. 

what is lcpsgo login

Do not worry if you have mobile, desktop, laptop or even a tablet, you can still use your LCPS Log In on the LCPS Go portal – 

This LCPSGo portal from Loudoun County Public Schools empowers students with unmatched opportunities and access to multiple benefits using just a single login. You as a student would not need to worry to track down more than one website and use your LCPS Go Login username and the password in all of them one-by-one to access many benefits.

LCPS Go lets you easily open and access the H Drive and OneDrive no matter where you are. Access this when being at home or being at any of the Loudoun County Public Schools. It is possible for you to access the LCPSgo login even if you are away from the public school network of Loudoun County.

So, now you are familiar with the idea of LCPS Go. Now you must get knowledge about the LCPS Login on the portal But first we have to know more about the LCPS Go – StudentVue.

LCPSGo StudentVue

StudentVue is a biometric confirmation system that is offered by Loudoun County Public Schools. This is a unique voice recognition system that enables the voice login on the LCPS Go.

It is a little advanced and more secure than trying to access the LCPSGo portal using your LCPS Go login password. This is a better authentication method than the traditional method. In the past in Loudoun County, students used to face some issues that were annoying like cases of LCPS Go login stealing and using it to access many free courses and online classes. So, this had to stop.

Now, with just your LCPSGo login, you cannot access the portal unless you are listed and have a valid student ID. Then only you can use your LCPS Login to any of the public schools of Loudoun County. You would not have to provide more identification proofs also. Just login and enjoy the courses and classes. 

LCPSGo ParentVue

ParentVue is another great option by Loudoun County Public Schools. With this option, teachers are able to arrange some custom limits that would restrict the using radio buttons and other devices for entry that a student can operate for the LCPS Go login procedure to open their LCPS Go Account.

Let us understand this with an example: Students who are in Senior High School of Loudoun County can restrict the search via the Touch Tone Phone option of LCPS Go.

LCPSGo Login Requirements

To login into LCPSGo, you will need the following, make sure you have them handy to LCPS Login.

  • LCPSOrg official web address at
  • Should have the LCPSGo login valid username and LCPS Login password. 
  • Network connection.
  • PC/Desktop, laptop, Android/iOS or other phone, any tablet
  • Updated and new version of the browser

LCPSGo Login – Step by Step Guide

Make sure you execute the sequence of the LCPS.Go steps as they are presented to you. If you do that, you will have no trouble whatsoever in accessing the website.

login to lcpsgo portal

  • Now please LCPS Login username.
  • Then please enter your LCPS Go password.
  • Finally, hit the Sign in button, and there you go, you can now access your LCPS org login Portal.

How to Reset LCPSGo Login Password

Please follow the below instructions to reset your LCPSgo login password:

click on I forgot my password option

  • Hover your mouse to  the link that says – I forgot my password, use the image for reference. Right when you click it, you will have the below image

reset lcpsgo login password

  • Provide your LCPS Go Username in the box provided.
  • Click on the tick mark sign you see below the username. 
  • Please follow the instructions you see after clicking the tick button.

LCPS Go App Compatibility

LCPS Go is designed in such a way that it can provide its service in many places. All the faculty members and students can login into LCPS Go portal via many apps from the ones listed below:

  • Google Docs 
  • Office 365
  • Online Encyclopedia 
  • Digital Passport 
  • Kiesel- Go 
  • Alexandria 
  • Dream box 
  • Imagine Studying 
  • Safari Assembly 
  • Infobit for kids 
  • Nat Geo for Kids

LCPSGo Login Help

We are providing you the LCPSGo login contact details, in a case when you feel the need to contact them. You may use any of the contact details provided below to solve any query. 

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Thank you for completing our article about the LCPS Go portal offered by Loudoun County Public Schools. With the right LCPS Go login steps, you can ensure to have a smooth login experience at the portal. For any further help related to this article or about the LCPSGo, please use the below feedback option to comment.


Official website of LCPS Go Login. – This is the official website of LCPS Go Login.

Can you access the files on the go?

Yes, you can access your files with the help of H drive or One drive on the go. 

Are there more ways to do the login?

There are various options of sign in, you can use the combination of surname and password, login with the email address, or using quickcard.

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