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I remember going back from school with my happy meal which my parents got for me. I was very excited for it as it was my first happy meal. McDonald’s has always been my favourite and is also the most popular fast food store. Their innovative ways to attract audiences and consumers are unbeatable and they try to make you smile after every bite.

McDonald’s has always been a favourite of children and the young generation as it offers many ranges of happy meals and burgers. Their services are great and burgers are delicious. But sometimes, services can go down due to staff members of the food quality. But for McDonald’s, service is top priority, so they have started taking surveys.

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McDonald’s have recently taken a major step to be more interactive with their customers and make their voice matters. They are now more open and it also shows how much customer satisfaction is necessary.

They have launched a website named McDvoice, This is a very cool and much needed website. We can be part of its survey process and speak up about its services and food.

Every brand wants to be on the top list and be able to satisfy the customers, so does McDonald’s.

How to Take McDonald’s Survey at

If you are thinking of joining the survey and utilizing the best offers here, I am here to guide you through the process. You can join the McDvoice.

So for participating in the mcdvoice survey, you need to just follow a few simple steps. These steps are mentioned below.

  • Firstly, go to the website. You can visit the website by searching on an intermediate website or platform.
  • Now as you have opened the official website, you need to opt for the language in which you feel comfortable.
  • Now that you have selected the preferred language, you need to fill out the ‘survey code’.

take mcdonald's survey at mcdvoice

The survey code is available on your receipt which you just got. If the survey code is not available, in that situation, you just need to mention some other information. So, the data required are store number, date of the receipt and the time.

  • Now after labelling all the necessary details, you need to click on the start.
  • After you have clicked on the start, the survey begins and you need to answer the set of questions, as per your experience.
  • The questions will be basically in the services, behaviour and food quality. After you have answered all the questions, click on the submit button.
  • After the completion of the survey, you will get a validation code.
  • The validation code is required to be redeemed on your next trip to the McDonald’s store. You will get some discounts and offers. 

The above labelled points are all that anyone would need to know. These are all the procedures so that you can be one of the participants of the survey. 

McDvoice Survey Code

So, if you are guessing what is the Survey code, then your quest comes to an end. Survey code is twenty-six digits (26) code that is present on your receipt. This code has various offers.

mcdvoice customer survey code

This code is needed to be filled in the survey process for vouchers.

There are also some of the offers and discounts available, if you participate in the survey.  Who does not want to enjoy free foods or food at a lower rate?  If you’re hunting for some discounts, do consider it once and end your quest.

The survey code is only acceptable for 30 days after your purchase. So, don’t just waste your money and try McDonald’s survey or McDvoice. 

Redeem Your Voucher at McDonald’s Store

redeem voucher at mcdonalds store

So, after you have done the survey, you will get the validation code to fully engulf the offer you need to go into the store and mention your validation code to them, into your next order. Your code is only valid for 7 days after it has been validated. Don’t miss this. Grab this McDonald’s offer soon.

 McDVoice Survey Conditions and Rules

The offers come under some simple conditions. If you come under those criteria, then you can enjoy them anytime.

There are some conditions that are necessary and are charged on the survey process. These are mentioned below-

  1. There is a limitation of a maximum of five surveys per month.  The number of surveys cannot be exceeded.
  2. The voucher only lasts for 7 days, so to utilise its benefits, you need to visit and redeem the offer within 7 days. After exceeding 7 days, the voucher does not work.
  3. The age limitation on the voucher is above fifteen. So, if you are above 15, then feel free to use it.
  4. The voucher only works for the people living in the USA and Canada. Anyone outside cannot use its offers and discounts.
  5. The offer validation can be cancelled at any short time or it can be temporarily shut down for a few days or months.
  6. The code is for non-workers of McDonald’s. So, if you ever worked for them, it can be a situation where this code does not work.
  7. The registration can be done from the code that is valid.
  8. You need to have the bill or receipt of your earlier purchase from McDonald’s. No other brand would be acceptable.

Just be sure that you follow these conditions to be able to fully engulf the offers and discounts on your next happy meal.

Advantages of McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey

There are many advantages to being a part of the survey process. These advantages are mentioned below.

  1. The McDonald’s survey or McDvoice process helps you to utilize its offers and some great discounts on your order. You can even get free burgers or cashbacks.
  2. By mentioning your suggestion and opinions, the company would be able to meet your requirements and needs.
  3. If the staff behaviour was not polite or had disturbed you at any level, you can freely mention that on your survey and help them improve it.
  4. Your satisfaction is all that any company desires, so be sure that you mention what you want.
  5. You can be an active and virtual contributor for the development of the service.

Therefore, being true to your experience and statements, you can be an active participant.  This also ensures you will be able to use some cool discounts. Do not hesitate to put some negative comments but that doesn’t mean to be harsh and disrespectful. Just mention your thoughts irrespective of them being positive or negative.

McDonald’s Customer Survey Rewards

So, if you are wondering how McDonald’s is going to provide the rewards from your validation code, then here we go to acknowledge you about the rewards.

mcdonalds customer survey rewards


This store has a cool way for surprising its precious customers, they can even give you cash backs, or free burgers or some discounts and offers.  It is fun to enjoy its offers.

McDonald’s Menu

There is a wide variety of options for food and beverages at menu in McDonald’s stores. You can have your favourite food at your place or can simply walk to the store.

mcdonalds menu

The menu basically has some categories like burgers, beverages, sides and meals and many more.

The top selling menu of McDonald’s is French fries. It is no shock that we all love French fries and that too with ketchup.

Big mac, snack wraps and happy meals are the next top selling foods from the menu of McDonald’s.

Though it has a wide variety in the beverages section such as iced coffee, coke, sweet tea, Fanta, milk jug, smoothie and many more, coca cola has been the first and most favourite order of all time.

Offers and Coupons Available in McDonald’s Store

Although, you have many offers always available on McDonald’s apps or in stores, you can save a lot of your money by simply applying any of the coupons and discounts.

If you have ordered for the first time, you will get discounts on the McDonald’s app. All you need to do is download the official app from the app store or play store. Then lots of offers and coupons code would be available for you to use. They have various offers running every week.

But if you are not ordering for the first time and want to enjoy some discount food, don’t worry, McDonald’s has a section for you too. On every purchase you get some points and those points are collected all at one place which can be used at any further orders. These points play the role of discounting your order price. The more you earn these points, the more discounts you will get.

The above are the ways to get some free and discounted food at the McDonald’s stores.


McDonald’s has always given its best to make us happy and be best for us. From food quality to their services, they have tried to be on the top.

For being the best, every little thing matters, even if it’s just the staff behaviour or the delay services or the indoor setting. Everything makes the company on the top combinedly. This is a very thoughtful step towards the service.

Every point has been shared about how you can participate and how to redeem your voucher.

This above-mentioned information is all that you need to learn before being a participant.

Enjoy your food at a lower rate.

Happy eating!

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