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my bridgestone login at mybridgestone com

What is My Bridgestone Login?

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Good to have you back to our today’s article on My Bridgestone Login. If you are not able to get through the My Bridgestone Hr portal then you have come to the best place to get your problems resolved. We are going to give a proper guidance of the entire login-process on Mybridgestone.Com.

what is my bridgestone login

We have included key points such as information about the Myhr Bridgestone portal, login requirements, Bridgestone Login steps, information about the old Myhr Bfusa – MyHR BFusa Bridgestone Portal, and much more. All the information provided here about why you should not consider the BF USA website anymore. Searching for Myhr Bfusa Teammate Login or any similar information including the “myhr.bfusa.comwill not work.

So, let us start the My Bridgestone website login procedure. If you are new and attempting to open the website, this article is going to help you a lot. 

About My Bridgestone

My Bridgestone is a portal by a company from Japan. Bridgestone provides global supplies of components of trucks and cars. The portal Myhr Bridgestone has many benefits for those who work at Bridgestone. So the My Bridgestone Login is for the employees only. Being such a huge company, there are many issues related to the work that is hard to manage by the management, employees, and other departments. So, the solution for this is quite obvious: Bridgestone Myhr. By using the portal, the employees ensure the quality of their work and solve the difficulties of managing work and work-related problems. The issues are commonly faced by all the employees and not all issues will be resolved so there comes the My Bridgestone Hr portal that helps manage

about my bridgestone

Let us understand briefly about the company.

The company Bridgestone first was established in 1931 and today, it has been around more than 24 countries and has above 180 production facilities. The company is from Japan, situated in Kyobashi in Tokyo. It is the among the largest  tire-manufacturing company all over the world.

Employees of Bridgestone can use the Mybridgestone.Com Login to access the employee portal from their laptop, PC, or mobile phone. The portal Myhr Bridgestone has been specifically designed for fulfilling the needs of the employees.

In 2020, the website Myhr Bfusa (MyHR BFusa Bridgestone Portal)  was not operational so people who have bookmarked Myhr Bfusa Portal must be confused why it stopped working. But the company Bridgestone has already provided the information that the Login MyHR BFusa Bridgestone Portal – Myhr Bfusa URL or website is not working and the company wishes you all to visit the Bridgestone.com instead of opening the Myhr Bfusa Login or Myhr Bfusa Teammate Login website.

Benefits of Using My Bridgestone HR Employee Login Portal?

  • With Bridgestone Login the customers get access to paystub information
  • The employee can confirm about the Leave related information using Com Login
  • The employees can get Payroll related information
  • Easier scheduling of work and management

So these are the main benefits of using Www Mybridgestone Com Login. Let us see the benefits given to the employees,

Other Benefits

  • Sick leave permission paid
  • Severance pay benefit
  • Employees get their health savings account
  • Flexible spending accounts for employees
  • Education, Training, Tuition and Certification reimbursement
  • Participation in profit sharing
  • Defined Contribution Pension Plan by the company
  • Retirement benefits
  • Financial benefits

Insurance Benefits

  • Health insurance benefits
  • Life Insurance benefits
  • Vision insurance benefits
  • Occupational accidental insurance benefits
  • Disability Insurance benefits
  • Employees get dental insurance benefit
  • The employees also get Supplemental Life insurance benefits

Now you are aware about the benefits, let us talk about the Myhr Bridgestone steps for login on the Www Mybridgestone Com Login website.

What are Mybridgestone.com Login Requirements?

Please fulfill these requirements to login to Mybridgestone.com

  • Valid URL – mybridgestone.com
  • Mybridgestone.com Login – Username with Password
  • Latest browser version
  • PC/Laptop
  • Internet (with speed)

How to Login to My Bridgestone Portal?

enter email, phone or skype id and click on next to login to my bridgestone account

  • Now add your My Bridgestone Login on this Microsoft-online login details
  • Click “Next”
  • Now you will be able to login to the www.mybridgestone.com Login portal.

If you try to open the Myhr Bfusa link or MyHR BFusa Bridgestone Portal instead of the Myhr Bridgestone website then you are going to face trouble logging in. The link of myhr.bfusa.com is shut down by Bridgestone and the company is not planning to return using the Myhr Bfusa Employee Login anymore. The Bridgestone’s MyHR BFusa Bridgestone Portal is closed and nobody can access it anymore.

If you’re an old employee trying to access the Myhr Bfusa Login on MyHR BFusa Bridgestone Portal then you are likely to face the below screen.

get this message when try to access myhr.bfusa.com

As you can see, the company is trying to inform its employees (old and new ones) that the old MyHR BFusa Bridgestone Portal may have been discontinued by the company because of some issues known to the company only. People trying to access the portal Myhr Bfusa will get the above message on their screen.

How to Recover or Reset My Bridgestone Login Password

click on can't access your account in microsoft online login page

  • Click Can’t access option for account as per the image

select preferred option and click on next

  • Select the type of account. If you are a worker, please select – “Work or school account”

enter email id and click on next to reset my bridgestone login password

  • Now you need to enter Email or Username
  • Then resolve the captcha
  • Click Next

After following above steps, you will get your Www Mybridgestone Com Login password. 

MyBridgestone Login on MemberBenefitLogin.com Portal?

sign in to mybridgestone account on memberbenefitlogin.com

  • Now type your My Bridgestone member login – User ID and Password
  • Click on Sign In


get this message when try to access myhr.bfusa.com

Do not use the below words to search the website,

  • Myhr Bfusa Teammate Login
  • BF USA

You are likely to hit a roadblock by trying to open the Myhr BFUSA Login Portal.

Open the https://www.memberbenefitlogin.com/ees/Bridgestone.html website instead.

Change MyBridgestone Password Using  MemberBenefitLogin.com?

Please follow the suggested steps to reset my bridgestone login password

click on forgot your password in mybridgestone login page on memberbenefitlogin.com

  • Click the “Forgot Your Password” link.

enter required details and click on continue to change mybridgestone login password on memberbenefitlogin.com

  • Now, please fill all of the required details.
  • Click Continue.

So, the above steps will reset the password of the Bridgestone login.

You will need to use the above website for password reset not the Myhr Bfusa website. Consider the above page for your Myhr Bfusa Teammate Login. Of course, the company will inform you about the “not working condition” of the MyHR BFusa Bridgestone Portal.

My Bridgestone Login Portal Contact Details

If you face difficulties on the My bridgestone.com or Bridgestone login, then urgently use the contact of Bridgestone MyHR.

my bridgestone contact details

You may not be able to open the MyHR BFusa Bridgestone Portal so that may be the first problem you will encounter. But if you want to know the reason why the portal – Myhr Bfusa is not functional, please use the below contact details. You must let the company know about the Mybridgestone.Com and My Bridgestone Login in case you cannot get success logging in.

  • HR Contact Number: 873.6947
  • Bridgestone benefit number: 888.408.3074

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Thank you for reading our article on Myhr Bridgestone. In this article, we have tried and included information about the My Bridgestone Login which helps you in successfully using the Bridgestone Employee Portal. We have also included the details as to why you should not use the Myhr Bfusa Teammate Login and MyHR BFusa Bridgestone Portal. The Myhr Bfusa portal is not supported by the company anymore. All the people searching for that portal may find it difficult to use the portal as it has been redirected to MyBridgestone.


What is MyHR BFusa Teammate login?

MyHR BFusa Teammate login is your Member Benefits Login My Bridgestone login for members so you cannot access it by opening the [https://myhr.bfusa.com/] link. You have to open the www.memberbenefitlogin.com website for it.

I am trying to open the MyHR BFusa Bridgestone Portal link – myhr.bfusa.com?

The portal Myhr Bfusa is not supported anymore or operated by the company. The portal link for MyHR BFUSA-Login will redirect you to another link: http://mybridgestone.com.s3-website-us-east-1.amazonaws.com/

When did the Myhr Bfusa-Employee Portal stop working?

The Employee portal-Myhr Bfusa stopped working in June 2020.

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