MyCUinfo Login on University of Colorado Employee Portal in 2023

mycuinfo login - university of colorado boulder portal login guide

What is MyCUinfo?

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Welcome back again, to our article on MyCUinfo. The MyCUinfo Boulder is a portal is for the students and employees of the University of Colorado Boulder. You are going to find all the key information about the MyCUinfo Portal in this article so it will help you a lot if you are a student at the university.

what is mycuinfo

You will find MyCUinfo steps for login, basic things you require for MyCUinfo login, and every information relevant that you need to know about

Please follow the article as a guide to login successfully to MyCUInfo Boulder.

What is MyCUinfo Login?

The CU Portal Boulder is an online portal with the help of which the users can use their MyCUinfo login and find information about the scholarship. The users also can find information about employment and other relevant information the students or employees want.

The University of Colorado Boulder provides various programs to its students and has colleges and schools. CU Boulder has above 150 academic courses. It has 9 schools and colleges for study. The students of the university are approximately 35,000 (as per the latest 2023 count). All the information can easily be accessed by the MyCUinfo login credentials.

It was the year 1876 when this university came to be. 

Student benefits of MyCUinfo Boulder Login Portal

  • Getting information about the courses
  • Checking schedules of the course
  • Use MyCUinfo login to change schedules
  • Online Student Center access
  • Using shopping cart for adding courses
  • Finding out about the assignment time
  • Faculty Course Questionnaire (FTQ)
  • Drop & Swap Courses accessing the portal with MyCUinfo login
  • Accessing the registrar forms
  • Research on Course
  • Finding Transcripts
  • Access of Degree Audit
  • Bill information and payment
  • Service review of the university’s Scholarship services
  • Students can apply to College Opportunity Fund
  • Selecting or waiving health plans
  • With MyCUinfo login Application status check becomes easier
  • Access to libraries
  • Approval of the rewards assignments
  • Much more

So these are some of the benefits of MyCUinfo University of Colorado Employee login portal. Now, let’s start understanding the login requirements of the Portal.

MyCUInfo University of Colorado Employee Portal Login Requirements

  • Official MyCUinfo Portal link
  • MyCUinfo login – ID & password
  • A new browser, updated
  • A mobile device or PC/Laptop
  • Amazing internet speed to access M YCUInfo

Let us know about the MyCUinfo Boulder login steps.

How to Login to MyCUInfo University of Colorado Boulder Portal

It’s important for you to consider these login steps for MyCUInfo University of Colorado Boulder – portal with success. Please follow them in the given order.

You are requested to follow the steps of CU Portal Boulder – MyCUinfo login suggested below in the right order. If you do not follow the steps in the order, then you may have to start the process of MyCUinfo all over again.

click on log in to mycuinfo in cu boulder employee portal

  • On the MyCUinfo University of Colorado Boulder, Click “Log in to MyCUInfo”.

enter username and password and to login into mycuinfo account

  • Type your MyCUinfo login Identikey Username
  • You will need to enter your Identikey Username first
  • You will need to enter your IdentiKey Password.
  • Then click on the Log In option.

You will have instructions below the login button. Please follow them and do not bookmark the page once you are logged in using your CUBoulder login.

Important Notice:

From your HR Database, you will have your IdentiKey email generated by the university. The first thing to do is activating your IdentiKey email. Once you are done activating it, then you can use those credentials for accessing all the key services provided by the University Campus.

How to Reset your MyCUinfo Login Password?

You will be using the identiKey username and password so to reset or change your IdentiKey password, you will need to use the IdentiKey Manager. Get all the guidance about the login and password reset/change or access issues that you face if you use the IdentiKey Manager. You might also face timeout issues which are common and set by the university for the MyCUinfo. You can resolve those also with the help of IdentiKey Manager.

MyCUinfo Login Help

mycuinfo login help

Problems during MyCUinfo Portal login steps commonly occur to the users trying to use MyCUinfo credentials. Some of the technical or website-related problems cannot be resolved from your end so try to resolve the problems as soon as possible. Not logging in on time may not be good either. In any case, you have to use the login help and contact of the MyCUinfo University of Colorado Boulder.

University Contact Number – 303.735.4357

MyCUinfo login Portal link –

University Email of Colorado EDU address: [email protected]

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In the article, there you will find all the information that you will need to perform the login to MyCUinfo, you will find all the key information. All the major problems that you face will be resolved by the IdentiKey Manager but if you still face MyCUinfo login problems then you can use the contact details. But if you have a problem understanding the steps or did not find the information that you were looking for then let us know about it with your comments.


What are the sessions’ time out?

Session timeouts are set by the company. This means you’ll be logged out and will not be able to access the portal if you are inactive. Inactivity, like not moving your cursor or typing or reading for long on the portal, will result in a log out. So, you will have to use your MyCUinfo login again.

What is IdentiKey Manager?

IdentiKey Manager helps you in resolving various access issues on the MyCUinfo Boulder login portal. The access issues here are related to the password, username, and others. All of these issues will be easily resolved by this option.

How to change my MyCUinfo login password?

  • Open the link –
  • Then click on the Change My password option
  • Enter the details and proceed and follow instructions.

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