Mylowesbenefits – MyLowesLife Employee Benefits Programs [2022]


MyLowesLife Employee Benefits – Mylowesbenefits

Myloweslife – The Lowe’s company understands that the employee benefits plans at Lowe’s are the key attractions to join and work with Lowes company.

myloweslife benefits

In this article, I will guide you through what are the benefits the employees get by working at Lowe’s apart from their salaries.

If you want to know the complete in depth details, I would recommend you to visit the official website at

Let us have a glance of what are those exciting benefits employees  enjoy at Lowes.

Mylowesbenefits – Myloweslife Employee Benefits Programs

myloweslife employee benefits program

The company Lowe’s is extremely happy and proud to have such a huge family in the form of their employees. I have used the word family, because the Lowe’s treats its employees just like a family member. The employee benefit program of Lowes Benefits includes many things such as expense reports, various insurance, medicines prescription history, Coverage for partial and complete disability, sick leaves, accidents insurance, and much more. Let us check them all below:

  • Health Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Vision insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Sharing of the profit
  • Sickness insurance (for long term illness)
  • Prepaid legal advisor
  • Severance Pay
  • Defined Contribution Pension plan
  • 401 K Plan
  • Temporary Disability insurance
  • Long term Disability insurance
  • Financial benefits
  • Insurance against death and disability.

What is Lowes

what is lowes

Lowe’s is a company situated in the United states of America. It majorly deals in home improvement products. It was initiated in 1921. The founder of this company was Lucius Smith Lowe. the headquarters of the company is located at Mooresville, in North Carolina. It has a chain of stores all over the USA and Canada.

Based on the data available till 2018, Lowe’s was having 2015 Home improvement stores in North America only, and by now, the business must have grown bigger.

MyLowesLife Help and Support Details

Use the below provided contact details for reaching Lowe’s benefits Center.

  • Calling from USA: 844.475.6937
  • Calling outside from USA:  1.312.843.5251
  • Lowe’s HR Department: 1.336.6583535
  • Lowe’s corporate office Dial: 1.704.758.1000
  • Customer service: 1.800.445.6937
  • Lowes credit card service Dial: 1.866.232.7443

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So, this was all the benefits, why more and more people are waiting eagerly to work with lowes. The benefits provided by the company are huge, and according to one survey people are more happy and satisfied with the medical benefits and insurance benefits provided by the lowes. So, if you also think you are capable enough to work with Lowes and want to enjoy all such benefits working at Lowes, keep checking their current openings page on their website and apple for suitable one. Well if you want to know more on Lowes, I’ll be happy to share some more lights if you drop me a comment below.

Mylowesbenefits FAQs

What is the procedure to access my lowe’s life benefits?

To check the benefits at My Lowe’s Benefits, follow the below steps:

Login into the official portal of Lowebenefits at and login with the help of your user Id and password, on the dashboard you can see the option to check your benefits.

When will I get paid at lowes?

If you are working at lowes, expect your payment biweekly, that is every two weeks or after 15 days.

Generally in the first week of your joining, you will get the payment on Friday.

I am not able to access the Lowe’s benefits website?

If you are not able to access the lowe’s benefits try checking below things

  • Check internet is working properly
  • Check the CAPS keys on your keyboard
  • Try using the different browser
  • Try from some other device like a mobile or another computer or laptop
  • Delete your cache files and login again.
  • And if you still cannot access it, then contact the support team.

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