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MyUFV Login

Hello Students…!

Students can access MyUFV using their MyUFV login. If you are having difficulty logging in with your UFV student login on the MyUFV login page, continue reading the article until the conclusion and complete the instructions in the order they are presented.

Our comprehensive article will assist you in logging into the MyUFVlogin site effectively.

What is UFV?

The University of Fraser Valley, or UFV, offers its students a chance for growth and a diverse range of courses. Each year, thousands of students attend this recognised public university. This institution is located in Canada and offers hundreds of programs to help students learn and grow. This university offers master’s and bachelor’s degrees to students.

what is ufv

Accountancy and culture are only a couple of the many options available. Bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, computer science programs, criminal justice programs, child care and youth care programs, engineering programs, geography programs, graphic design programs, global studies programs, history programs, horticulture programs, mathematics programs, marketing and sales programs, and social work programs are just a few examples.

Myufv Login Requirements

  • URL for the official UFV login portal
  • Login to MyUFV – Username and Password
  • The updated browser version
  • Computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet – any of them will work.
  • Internet connection that is stable

How to Login into MyUFV Portal as a UFV Student

You must adhere to the specific instructions for UFV login since doing so will assist you in effortlessly logging into the site MyUFV.

login to myufv account

  • Enter your UFV login credentials – Username
  • Add your UFV- password.
  • Hit the LOGIN button

You will be successfully logged into the website after completing the above steps for Myufv login.

How to Reset MyUFV Login Password

To use the UFV login page, you will need the MyUFVlogin – password. As a result, you must retrieve it promptly if you have lost it. Kindly follow the instructions detailed below.

click on forgot your password in ufv identity services

  • To change your password, click  on forgot your password in MyUFV login page?

enter required details to reset myufv login password

  • On your screen, a Login Assistant page will appear.
  • Add your student identification number, which will be nine digits long.
  • Select Next.

You can reset your password by following the Myufv site’s instructions.

MyUFV Login Help

While the aforementioned methods may assist you in logging into UFV as a student, you cannot resolve technical issues on your own. If you are unable to access the UFV student login webpage, please try refreshing the page. If none of this works, you must contact the UFV for a Myifv login.

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Kindly notify us if we can assist you in addressing your UFV student login concerns. Utilize the comments section below.


Who is eligible to apply to the University of the Fraser Valley?

Residents of Canada, international students, current students, and anybody else interested in studying can apply to the University of Fraser Valley.

Can university counselors support me in my academic endeavours?

Your University of Fraser Counselor may assist you with career planning, skill development, and will also listen to your concerns in the event that you require personal support.

  • To speak with a counselor, you must first schedule an appointment. Please contact them using the information provided below.
  • ssfrontdesk@ufv.ca
  • Contact Information: Abbotsford: 604-854-4528; Chilliwack: 604-795-2808.
  • The call will take place between 9:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

How can I apply for a University of Fraser Valley (UFV) scholarship?

  • Sign in and navigate to your MyUFV portal page.
  • Navigate to the Student Information submenu.
  • Select the Financial Aid tab.
  • Following the Financial Aid choice, you must now choose the Award Application option.
  • The moment has come for you to submit your application.
  • Please visit the office during regular office hours to submit the needed documentation or send PDF copies of the files to scholarships@ufv.ca.

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