Mywakehealth login – Wake Forest Patient Login at Portal [2023]

mywakehealth login

Mywakehealth Login – Wake Forest Health Portal Guide

Mywakehealth Login – Hello friends, today I will explain to you about the secure way to pay medical bills and hospital bills online.

This is the best portal which helps you check the patient details and complete medicine details.

Mywakehealth assists many hospitals, clinics, medical centers and all the patients. You don’t need to pay any cost as this service is completely free. Every patient can benefit from this service.

Mywakehealth service is best because it makes it easier for patients to pay their bills and manage their appointments online through a single platform.

With this portal, you can send a message to the doctor’s office directly. Further, you also get updates about the medications, find details about your allergies, get notified about the renewal of prescriptions, medication updates, summary of your previous visit and instructions of disharger among many other great functions.

By using this Mywakehealth portal, you are able to link your family’s record and also find your health library.

I will explain to you all about the Mywakehealth portal login and registration and steps to pay your bills easily.

About Mywakehealth

Mywakehealth is initiated by the Wake Forest Baptist Health. It is a national medical center that offers online patient service through the portal. The patients can pay their medical bills and hospital bills online.

about mywakehealth

With this service, your patient can access the information that they need. The website allows you to check the prescription given by doctors, summary of your previous visit, your medical test results, guidance about discharge, Mywakehealth bill pay  and renewals of medicines.

What are the Benefits of Mywakehealth Login?

  • Appointment schedules
  • Summary of the each visit
  • Paying hospital and medical bills online
  • Refill or order the medicines online
  • Receive the medicines and test reports online
  • Message your doctor using the communication facility
  • Getting regular updates about your medical condition including allergies and side effects.
  • Get your complete medical history in a complete format that has your family-associated history as well.
  • Access to Encrypted portal to get fully secure with all the information.

After you have idea about the benefits of Mywakehealth, let us now access the Mywakehealth website that So now let us begin learning about the process of Mywakehealth portal login. But before that, I must explain to you about the requirements of Mywakehealth Log In.

Mywakehealth Login Requirements

  • Website address for official Mywakehealth login.
  • Authentic Mywakehealth Login username and your password.
  • Web browser
  • Laptop, Smartphone, PC or Tablet.
  • High Speed internet connection 

How to Create an Account on Mywakehealth Login Portal

Please follow each and every instructions to complete the process of registration to portal

click on sign up in mywakehealth login page

  • Now on the opened page, please click the Sign Up option. (See the above image).

create account on mywakehealth login portal

  • After the process, you will have to provide the Activation Code, your Birth Date, and your SSN.
  • Check your patient bill statement, you will find the activation code printed on it.
  • You can also check your email inbox to your registered Mail Address.
  • After the steps are over, then you can click the Next button.
  • Please type your phone contact number. Then please provide email ID.
  • You are not supposed to create your username and your unique Mywakehealth portal password..
  • Now you can enroll in the Mywakehealth portal.

How to Login into Mywakehealth Portal

Please use the below steps in order to access the official Mywakehealth account.

login into mywakehealth portal

  • Please enter your valid Mywakehealth username and your valid password in the empty space.
  • Now please provide the login details. Now please click the Sign-In button and you can access the Mywakehealth account.
  • Add your Patient ID for Mywakehealth Login and include some more details such as Activation Code, Date Of Birth and fill in other empty fields.
  • Please now confirm your identity.
  • Now you can find all the details that are linked to your patient profile.
  • Please select the medical bill that you need to pay and estimate the amount and the total payment mode like net banking, debit card or credit card, etc.
  • Once you add the complete details, please click the Submit button.
  • As soon as you pay the amount, you will receive a verification message
  • Please keep the Transaction ID safe for any extra references.

Mywakehealth Login Help and Support

Please find the below contact and support for Mywakehealth org portal. The below information will help you resolve any trouble that you face.

Official Mywakehealth Login Website:

Contact Number:

  • Customer Support of Mywakehealth: 855.560.5111
  • To schedule an appointment: 888.716.9253
  • Health on call: 336.716.2255
  • Official Address: Wake Forest Baptist Health, Medical Center Boulevard, Winston – Salem, NC – 27157

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So, the article has all the necessary details you need to know for Wake Forest Patient Portal Login on its official website Hope my article helped you greatly. You may leave us a comment in case you have any questions or concerns regarding this portal or anything related to mywake health. Thank you.


Tell me more about WakeHealth.

Mywakehealth is an online portal offering various types of data access to the user. On this portal, you can perform many task such as:

  • Viewing doctors note after visiting the clinic
  • Check the medicine for any kind allergies notification
  • Can see test results, medical history and special instructions to be followed after patient discharge.
  • You can send the message to your doctor
  • You can book an appointment
  • Can refill your prescriptions
  • Bill payment
  • Can read anything you want from the health library
  • And also link the records of your family, this can be helpful to know any family history.

I am new on this portal, how do I sign up?

There are two methods you can sign up using:

  1. By mail: complete the details in an online form and send them mail asking them to grant you an activation code for accessing the portal. This procedure may take 5 to 7 working business days to finish.
  2. With activation code: after visiting the healthcare center you will be provided with an activation code, you may take help of any of the staff members available there, for sign up procedure. 

Are there any fees involved for using Mywakehealth login portal?

No charges are involved as it is completely free for the patients. 

How do they verify my identity?

MyWakeHealth uses an Experian that is a third party verification service that verifies your identity. This type of services are used by the banks and government healthcare centers to verify the customer identity. 

Suddenly, I was logged out of mywakehealth account. Why?

There is a system in the software developed in a way that if your screen remains idle for more than 15 minutes, it will log out automatically. This is done to protect your health related data. I will recommend that you do not leave the screen idle in the middle, if you are finished with your work log out by yourself. 

To whom should I call if I have any kind of questions?

You may use the toll free line – 855.560.5111    

How to access the Wake forest patient portal MyChart?

You can access the Mywakehealth org portal login page with your My wake health login details. Please find the MyChart option. If you want to Directly access MyChart on www mywakehealth org, please click on this LINK. You can now open the main home page.

I do not remember my wake health login password.

Please open the website link. Now please go to the link for Forgot Password? And then please click the link.

I cannot load the My wake health login page on my browser.

Please check your internet/WiFi connectivity and then try to access the My wake health login page. Change your current device if it does not work. You can also try opening it using another browser. If all devices and tools are not working with the current browser, then I would request you to easily contact the HR Team or Technical assistance Team.

I am facing an error with with activation code.

If you are unable to get the activation code, then you must click this link Then please click the button Match Yourself with our Records or click Verify Identity with a Third Party. Follow the steps and you will be signed up.

Is accessing the wake forest portal safe?

This is a patient portal which is safer and secure.

I cannot locate the MyWakeHealth Activation Code.

If you want to identify yourself with www mywakehealth org with activation code, then you may find it in the After Visit Summary.

I Forgot my username of My Wake Health.

I forgot my username of Wake Health.

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