Panera Breakfast Hours – Panera Bread Menu, Holidays & Timings 2023

panera bread breakfast lunch and holiday hours guide

Panera Bread Breakfast Hours

You should be aware of the Panera breakfast hours. Are you planning to visit Panera Bread tomorrow or next week? You must have heard good things about Panera from your friends or associates. You also must have googled about Panera Bread company to find out about Panera bread breakfast menu and Panera bread hours.

panera bread breakfast hours

Panera Bread company is quite famous for providing bakery and cafe items. Many Panera stores all over the United States sell all kinds of bakery items and casual food items. The number of stores Panera Bread reaches beyond 2,000 and all of them operate during specific Panera hours.

To enjoy the Panera Bread breakfast menu, you must know all the details about the hours of the restaurant so that you do not get late to enjoy brownies, croissants, scones, cookies, pastries, and all kinds of baked items. That was all about the bakery menu but the restaurant also serves a menu including plates of pasta, panini, flatbreads, coffee, soups, hot chocolate, smoothies, iced drinks, tea, lemonades, lattes, lattes, lattes. espresso drinks, and much more. During Panera hours, you also get a Kid’s special menu that is full of nutrition and kids love it.

Ronald Shaich and Louis Cane started the company. If you do not know when was Panera founded, then the year was founded in 1987 by these two people. Later expanded to a chain of different stores in Missouri. During that time, it was established and known as Saint Louis Bread Company. The company later was acquired by Au Bon Pain Co. The acquisition happened in 1993.

In the world of casual bakery and cafe stores, there are no greater options to Panera breakfast. If you want tasty and nutritious food, then you can count on Panera Bread for fulfilling your hunger.

So let us start by understanding the breakfast serving time, what times does Panera close and open, lunch hours, and Panera menu with prices. The most important thing

What Time Does Panera Start Serving Breakfast?


what time does panera start serving breakfast

Feeling hungry in the morning after a long and relaxing good night sleep is all common with us humans. But what time we wake up and crave for lunch is different for us and we follow different times. It is our body that is made up like that.  So Panera bread hours are something you all have to get used to if you want to have a healthy morning breakfast and feel the energy in the morning. So, what time does Panera open?

Week Days  Panera opening time for Breakfast
Monday 07:00 A.M.
Tuesday 07:00 A.M
Wednesday 07:00 A.M
Thursday 07:00 A.M
Friday 07:00 A.M

The opening time of Panera is sharp at 07:00 A.M. It is a decent time where you can wake and even finish your morning exercise early. Then you can join the Panera Menu Breakfast with many people like yourself. Follow the schedule and make no mistake remembering the time

But make sure to know. So those who want to know, when does Panera bread open? It is from Monday to Friday, should mark the time as the above.

Panera Bread Opening Hours for Saturday and Sunday

You know the timing from Monday till Friday but what about Saturday and Sunday? When does Panera open-Saturday & Sunday? Can you get all the Panera breakfast items on these two days? Let’s find out about this from the below table.

Week Days  Open Time  for Breakfast
Saturday 06:00 A.M.
Sunday 07:00 A.M

On Saturday, Panera restaurant opens early at 06:00 A.M. So if you want to grab food a little early on Saturday then you can go to Panera around 06:00 A.M. time. If you are used to going to the restaurant for Panera bread menu breakfast around the regular time and not early then you can follow that schedule as well. So, if someone like your friend asks you about the timing and specifically asks about What time do Panera bread open? You are entitled to provide the correct information without any delays that the hours-opening are around the 06:00 A.M.

What Time Does Panera Stop Serving Breakfast?

when does panera stop serving breakfast

You could be thinking about the opening and closing time but you must first understand the timing Panera Bread serves for breakfast. The Panera breakfast hours are the same on Mondays, Tuesdays, and till Friday but on Saturdays and Sundays, the hours may be different. It generally applies to all the locations where Panera hours are different for breakfast. You have only these fixed hours to enjoy your morning breakfast so you must be on time. So to know when does Panera stop serving breakfast, you must use the below timetable.

Week Days  Panera closing time for Breakfast
Monday 10:30 A.M.
Tuesday 10:30 A.M.
Wednesday 10:30 A.M.
Thursday 10:30 A.M.
Friday 10:30 A.M.

You see in the above table, the hours of serving breakfast end at 10:30 A.M. So if you are one of the Panera food lovers who enjoy a good Panera breakfast in the morning, then you must reach the restaurant before the restaurant stops serving breakfast. These hours stay the same during Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday so you can pick any day you want and enjoy the delicious Panera bread breakfast.

When Does Panera Bread Stop Serving Breakfast on Saturday and Sunday?

You know When does Panera breakfast end from Monday to Friday from the above schedule but if you need to know more about the timing on Saturday and Sunday then you must follow the schedule tightly on these days. Saturdays and Sundays in the United States are two relaxing days where people have to mind a lot of things and give time to their families. So they may miss the opening time but they would not want to miss the Panera Breakfast closing time.

Week Days  Breakfast Close Time
Saturday 11:00 A.M.
Sunday 11:00 A.M.

11:00 A.M. is the Panera breakfast time during Saturday and Sunday when the restaurants of Panera usually close. So you have 30 minutes more to enjoy. So before you head out to the nearest store, you have to know the exact time of Panera bread hours for closing on Saturday and Sunday. Another common question people have is, how late does Panera serve breakfast on Saturday and Sunday? 

Does Panera serve breakfast all day?

There is no denying that some restaurants do serve breakfast all day but Panera is not one of them. You need to be on time to enjoy yourself so. 

Panera Bread Menu Prices in 2023

We will guide you about the prices of the Panera bread breakfast menu so you can enjoy the best Panera breakfast during  Panera bread breakfast hours. Usually, people know about the menu before going to Panera but that is only if they are regular. The guests who have gone for the first time would enjoy the breakfast Panera bread menu if they are at the right time, But they need to consider having a pretty good idea when does Panera close in your location or the location you are visiting you must know about the timing. Make sure you have visited the restaurant during the Panera bread operating hours.

Breakfast Menu Panera Price Calories
Avocado, Egg White & Spinach $6.19 350 Cal
Bacon,ScrambledEgg&Cheese served on Ciabatta $6.19 450 Cal
Bacon and Scrambled Egg & Cheese served on Brioche $6.19 470 Cal
Bacon and Cheese on Brioche and Egg $6.19 450 Cal
Sausage,ScrambledEgg & Cheese served on Ciabatta $6.19 530 Cal
Sausage and Egg & Cheese served on Brioche $6.19 530 Cal
Sausage and ScrambledEgg & Cheese served on Brioche $6.19 550 Cal
Egg & Cheese given on Brioche $5.19 380 Cal
Whole Grain Wraps
Scrambled Egg, Bacon & Tomato Wrap $6.19 470 Cal
Scrambled Egg & Avocado Wrap and Chipotle Chicken $6.19 470 Cal
Fruit Cups,Parfaits,andOatmeal
Fresh-Fruit Cup $3.79 60 Cal
Steel-Cut Oatmeal served with Strawberries,Pecans $5.89 370 Cal
Greek Yogurt Mixed with Berries Parfait $5.19 240 Cal
Baked Egg Souffles
Spinach&Bacon Souffle $5.89 550 Cal
FourCheeseSouffle $5.89 470 Cal
Bagel-Pack $16.19 NA
Dozen  and A Half-Bagels $14.99 NA
Bakers Dozen-Bagels $11.99 NA
Tuesday-Baker’s Dozen Check the price with the store NA
Half Dozen Bagels $7.89 NA
Sprouted-Grain BagelFlat $1.69 180 Cal
Blueberry-Bagel $1.69 290 Cal
Cinnamon-Swirl Bagel $1.69 310 Cal
Sesame-Bagel $1.69 290 Cal
Chocolate-Chip Bagel $1.69 330 Cal
CinnamonCrunch Bagel $1.69 430 Cal
Everything-Bagel $1.69 290 Cal
Asiago-Bagel $1.69 320 Cal
Plain Bagel $1.69 280 Cal
Pastries & Sweets for One
Croissant $3.29 280 Cal
Chocolate-Croissant $3.59 400 Cal
BearClaw $3.59 500 Cal
Pecan-Braid $3.59 500 Cal
VanillaCinnamon-Roll $3.59 610 Cal

Besides these above items, you can enjoy Panera Muffins and Muffies, the widest variety of coffees and teas, a group menu, and much more.

Please make sure all of the above items on Panera’s breakfast menu are available when you visit. Before you visit and enjoy the Panera bread breakfast menu, do you know what time does Panera breakfast end? It is over on 10:30 AM.

So, to jog up your memory, what time does breakfast end at Panera on Saturday and Sunday? Do you have any ideas? Well, on Saturdays and Sundays, the time for breakfast changes and you can get breakfast up to 11:00 A.M. But you can keep the opening hours in mind too. So, you know on Saturday, what are Panera’s hours for opening? right? Well, on Saturdays only, you have to remember the opening hours are at 06:00 A.M. It is an hour early for people to enjoy breakfast.

What Time Does Panera Bread Serve Lunch?

We believe this thought must have crossed your mind that once the breakfast hours are over, what will happen then?

what time does panera start serving lunch

Panera food is loved by the people for its nutritious value and flavorsome food quality. The food of Panera has never disappointed any guest or regular and has served the best Panera breakfast possible. The same goes with the Panera lunch time that is enjoyed by most people during lunch hours.

Idea on-what time does Panera bread start serving lunch? – As soon as the Panera breakfast hours are over, the Panera lunch hours start at 10:30 A.M. The timing is just perfect for all people who want to enjoy good food. Some great, deliciously nutritious food items are served at lunch time. Please follow the below schedule.

Week Days  Panera bread lunch hours starting
Monday 10:30 A.M.
Tuesday 10:30 A.M.
Wednesday 10:30 A.M.
Thursday 10:30 A.M.
Friday 10:30 A.M.

The moment the Panera breakfast hours are over. you savor the Panera menu breakfast. The breakfast stops at 10:30 A.M. generally. it all becomes quite easier for you to remember about the lunch hour. You have to let anybody that asks you or you would want to inform them about – what time does Panera bread stop serving breakfast? The answer is quite apparent from the table.

What Time Does Panera Serve Lunch on Saturday & Sunday?

On Saturdays and Sundays, the lunch hours begin around the same time when the Panera hours for breakfast are over. So, the schedule is easy to remember and follow for anyone who does not want to miss lunch during Saturday and Sunday.

Week Days  Lunch Close Time
Saturday 11:00 A.M.
Sunday 11:00 A.M.

During these hours, you can enjoy healthy and appetizing food at Panera. The breakfast hours close at around 11:00 A.M. and the lunch hours begin at the same time. So, it all becomes quite convenient for you to go to the place and start ordering your lunch. But you need to find out the nearest Panera restaurant or Panera store around you and find out the answer to “When does Panera serve lunch?” Usually, the timing stays the same but open the official website and search for the nearest location in your area and take help. The Panera lunch hours are not all day long as they need to stop the lunch hours too.

Let’s see in the next point about the timing of lunch of Panera.

When Does Panera Bread Lunch Hours End?

Although it may not be easier for you to keep in mind all the schedules, it is not that difficult to remember. But before you go please confirm which day it is and what are the “Panera hours today?” The lunch hours have the same length as the Panera breakfast times. So you know what time does Panera start serving lunch, right? – You can get lunch around 10:30 to 11:30 A.M.

For you to enjoy the lunch hours you need to keep the below schedule in mind,

Week Days  Panera hours today for closing lunch
Monday 04:00 P.M.
Tuesday 04:00 P.M.
Wednesday 04:00 P.M.
Thursday 04:00 P.M.
Friday 04:00 P.M.

The 04:00 A.M. is the official closing time for lunch for many locations out of the 2000 chain of restaurants of Panera. So, if you are looking forward to enjoying the Lunch of Panera menu with prices that are competitive then you can go before the final hours of closing of lunch. To some locations the hours may vary and close one hour late at 05:00 P.M. So you always have to know – what time does Panera close near me? The time may be a little different than the regular time of lunch closing for all the other restaurants in other areas. So be sure and confident about the serving time of lunch.

What time does Panera serve Lunch  on Saturday & Sunday?

On Saturday and Sunday, the closing Panera lunch time stays the same for closing on almost all the locations. The time remains the same for closing on Saturdays and Sundays. So you do not have to keep the additional information about the Panera hours Sunday or Saturday.

Week Days  Panera bread closing time
Saturday 04:00 P.M.
Sunday 04:00 P.M.

So, as the schedule table above suggests, the Saturday closing hours and Panera Sunday hours for closing are the same. The usual time from Monday till Friday is 04:00 P.M. so the same applies here on these weekend days. Those who live in other locations may have a little different Panera breakfast time and lunch time. But mostly you can go to find more about the “Panera bread hours today?” Saturday on Sunday or any other day, you need to know about the timing on that particular day only. That would be more helpful than keeping all the schedules jumbled up in your head.

Does Panera Serve Lunch All Day?

The lunch serving time is fixed and does not change. So, depending on some of the locations, the time may be 05:00 P.M. but that is it. But if you ask for lunch after those hours then it will be difficult for you to enjoy lunch during that time.

does panera serve lunch all day

Serving lunch all day is not possible at Panera restaurants. The stores are open till the serving time from 10:30 or 11:00 depending on the day and time. But the closing time is fixed. So if you want to enjoy the breakfast Panera bread menu or lunch menu, you must go to the right time only.

What time does Panera close?

Now you are all aware of the Panera breakfast hours, Panera bread breakfast menu, Panera bread breakfast closing, and lunch opening time. After getting all informed about these timing you must also know about the Panera close time. Let’s say you wish to go to one of the Panera stores but you find it closed, will you ever consider going at that time? The same goes with you when you visit the Panera store some other time and find it closed.

what time does panera close

So did the doors of Panera restaurants just close on you? Or you did not have any clue what time the store closed? You should go with the second question. If you already know about the Panera close time then there is no problem for you and your friends or family to just relax and enjoy some food Nutri-food at Panera. In the table below, you will find the opening and closing times of Panera so you can have an idea about the Panera hours of operation.

Days of operation Panera open time (Depending on Locations) Panera close time
Monday 06:00 A.M. or 07:00 A.M. 09:00 P.M. to 10:00 P.M.
Tuesday 06:00 A.M. or 07:00 A.M. 09:00 P.M. to 10:00 P.M.
Wednesday 06:00 A.M. or 07:00 A.M. 09:00 P.M. to 10:00 P.M.
Thursday 06:00 A.M. or 07:00 A.M. 09:00 P.M. to 10:00 P.M.
Friday 06:00 A.M. or 07:00 A.M. 09:00 P.M. to 10:00 P.M.
Saturday 06:00 A.M. or 07:00 A.M. 09:00 P.M. to 10:00 P.M.
Sunday 06:00 A.M. or 07:00 A.M. 09:00 P.M. to 10:00 P.M.

So, what time does Panera close? Depending upon the location difference, some restaurants open differently than the suggested time, and some close earlier than the above time 09:00 P.M. to 10:00 P.M. The early closing time is around 08:00 P.M. in some locations. So you need to ensure you visit the Panera-restaurant around before the time. Once they close the operations, they will not serve any kind of food. So you can finish the food but keep in mind the question – what time does Panera bread close today in my area?

Have you got a pretty good idea what time Panera bread open, yes?. It opens as early as 06:00 or 07:00 A.M. so mind the timing. For Panera open time, you can go a little late like an hour or a couple of hours but during the closing time, you must visit before the official hours are closed.

Holiday Timing at Panera Bread Restaurant

Do you often think on holidays, what time does Panera bread open today? First, you must keep in mind the Panera hours of operation. You know what time the restaurant opens, serves breakfast,  stops serving breakfast, starts serving lunch, stops serving lunch, and what time it finally closes.

When you know all of the above timing then it becomes easier for you to eat some great good food from the menu at Panera. On a particular holiday, you need to ask yourself what time does Panera open today?

Is Panera open on Easter?

Yes, Panera stays open on Easter. The Panera easter hours may be different depending upon the location but the stores will be open for all. So, is Panera open Easter Sunday? You may think that Easter is a holiday and it falls on Sunday so the restaurant Panera must be closed but that is not the case here. You can enjoy the food from the breakfast menu and lunch menu at any time during operational hours. But since it is Sunday and Easter, you need to confirm – Is Panera bread open on Easter Sunday? Confirm with hotel in your area.

Is Panera open on thanksgiving?

The regulars know about the Panera Hours Thanksgiving Day. Thanksgiving is that time of the year when people enjoy the day and relax in their homes. They plan something different that day or follow the same schedule and family tradition that they have been following for many many years. The possibility of Panera open thanksgiving is not much. The restaurants stay closed on Thanksgiving so there are no Panera thanksgiving hours. But find more information from your location store. You can enjoy Panera bread turkey sausage egg white & spinach breakfast power on this day if you wish to make the day better. So, how long does Panera serve breakfast during this day? You can expect food around the regular hours but keep in mind that the hours may be different for different locations.

Is Panera open on New Year’s day?

So does Panera serve the food on New Year’s Day or is Panera closed on New Year’s day?

The answer to this is the restaurant Panera stays open during the NewYear’s Day. Some of the other restaurants may not be open considering the last day festivity fervor but there are some restaurants like Panera that do not stop serving on NewYear’s Day to keeping their Panera new years day hours 2023. If someone is confused about – is Panera open on New Year’s day? You may clear the confusion if you know the answer. If you are confused please know that the hours are the same and Panera bread open New Year’s Day. So, how long does Panera serve breakfast on this day? The regular time of opening and closing is followed by the restaurant to fulfill the hunger of the people.

Is Panera bread open on Christmas Eve?

Panera Bread Christmas Eve Hours are the same as it stays open for keeping the joy of food high during Christmas. People may not particularly choose to go out and eat dinner but some families have a tradition to eat outside at some restaurants. Christmas Eve is one of those festivals where people enjoy the Panera Christmas eve food. You can find what is so special that day. Many people including you may be confused about the timing still because of distant locations and confusion due to Christmas about – is Panera open on Christmas day? The Panera Christmas eve hours may not be the same as other locations so keep in mind the right timing. If you love eating Panera bread avocado egg white & spinach breakfast power at the Panera store on Christmas Eve, then you can enjoy it. You can also enjoy other items on Panera new years eve hours.

Is Panera open on July 4th?

The Panera 4th of July hours remain the same during the opening hours and closing hours. On this Independence Day, you can enjoy the food like regular, keeping the feeling of freedom in your American hearts. 

What are the Panera labor day hours?

There is no change in the Panera bread labor day hours  so you can visit the restaurant around the same time. 

What are the Panera Memorial Day hours?

Are you thinking about what time does Panera bread open on Memorial Day? – Memorial Day is considered by Panera as the regular day and all the restaurants stay open all day. However, you have to dial the number to ask about the Panera bread memorial day hours.

Please find the details of the opening status on all Holidays,

  • Christmas Eve
  • Veterans Day
  • Easter Monday
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day(4th of July)
  • Columbus Day
  • Labor Day
  • PresidentsDay
  • NewYear’s Eve
  • Cyber Monday
  • Patrick’s Day
  • Easter Sunday
  • Halloween
  • Mother’s Day
  • NewYear’s Day
  • Father’s Day
  • Valentine’s Day
  • CincodeMayo
  • MLKDay
  • MardiGrasFat Tuesday
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Black Friday
  • Good Friday 

Panera Delivery Services

There are around 20,000 people who are engaged in delivering food to the locations in their cities. The customers can download Panera Bread app or go on the Panera Bread website to place their order. 

What Time Does Panera Close Near Me?

Looking for what time does Panera close near me? Please follow these steps.

You will find the nearest store you are looking for.

Panera Bread Contact Details

Use Panera’s Contact Details given below for timing and other needs.

Panera Website Official: Click Here
Panera’s Contact Number: 855.372.6372
Allergan information: Click Here

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Please keep in mind the Panera bread opening time and closing time. If you already know about the timing and what time does Panera close today, you can go by yourself or with family to enjoy the food items without any problems of losing the schedule. For breakfast, please go before the time ends, and please find the above information useful in knowing What time does Panera serve breakfast. 

FAQs – Panera Restaurant 

When does Panera start serving lunch?

Do you know when does breakfast end at Panera? It ends at 10:30 to 11:00 A.M. So that is the time around which the lunch hours begin.

How much does Panera pay an hour?

If you are a sales associate, you can earn somewhere around $8 or around $13. The Bakers get more amount around an average of $14. The delivery guy’s payment starts around $6 to $14.

To know more about the payscale please use the link –

Is Panera a good place to hang out with friends?

If you want to hang out or eat, you can find Panera restaurants very comforting. You can go on a formal visit or informal visit and it will all work for you.

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