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Hello and welcome to our article. This article is about how to activate This article will discuss the process of activating your Bi Pet Rebates card online at

If you’re curious about how to do activate card, you will need to know that Bi Pet Rebates card potential benefits are available online at Prepaid.Bipetrebates Com.

You may now easily access your unique Bi Pet Rebates card by simply activating it. You can also use your card to check your balance, analyze your transactions, and set your pin.

Please go to and keep scrolling to discover just about everything there is to know about Prepaid.Bipetrebates.Com Activate. Upon this website, you can also understand numerous Boehringer Ingelheim Pet Rebates. But first, look at the following login requirements.

Bi Pet Rebates Card Activation Requirements

To successfully activate your card on you will need the following:

  • The Bi Pet Rebates card’s official webpage at
  • Purchase Date
  • Offer/CouponCode
  • Your Card Number’s first 6 digits.
  • The Social Security Administration’s allocated number (SSN)
  • Internet Explorer is a web browser.
  • You can operate a Home Computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet
  • High-speed internet connection

How to Apply for Animal Health Rebate Prepaid Visa Card

apply for animal health rebate prepaid visa card

  • You must go to a pet buy any product for your dogs; keep that product secure since it will carry an offer code in which you must enter through Boehringer Ingelheim Rebates.
  • On the above website, provide the printed code, the date of purchase, when you purchase the product, and an image or scanned copy of the receipt, then select simply continue. Boehringer Ingelheim pet rebates.
  • On boehringer ingelheim pet rebates, you may post up to four files.
  • After you have accomplished these requirements, it is appropriate to submit your identification. On the right side of the page, you will be asked to fill in your name, address, SSN, and so on
  • Please double-click that all of the information you entered is right.
  • Click “Submit” option, you will get a “Thank you Page.”
  • At this point, do not use the back button or refresh the page Bipetrebates.Com Activate.
  • There will be a tracking number, to determine the location of your card.
  • After you get your card, you need to do activation as soon as possible.

How to Activate Bi Pet Rebates Card?

activate bi pet rebates card

  • On, you will be instructed to insert your identification, such as the first six digits of your card, and then hit Enter.
  • Your card has been activated.

After you Prepaid.Bipetrebates.Com Activate, you may very well see possibilities which include exchanges, account statements, due amount, and you would also need to set the pin to access Prepaid.Bipetrebates.Com Activate Card later for security purposes. 

How to Contact Boehringer Ingelheim Pet Rebates?

If you have any login troubles or encounter any technical faults, kindly reach Boehr Ingelheim Pet Rebates; we have provided the phone number and address details below.

Activation Website:

Boehr Ingelheim Pet Rebates Website:

Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health USA Inc.

3239 Satellite Blvd,
Duluth, Georgie-30096

You may also call the firm at 888-637-4251 to raise concerns about animal healthcare items.

Call Blpetrebates Toll-Free Number: 1800  325  9167

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All the basic info is included in the article for the Prepaid.Bipetrebates.Com Activate method, as well as instructions on how to log in on the website. If you have any issues with pet healthcare products, please contact Prepaid.Bipetrebates.Com.Activate, please contact us at the above-mentioned telephone number.


How long would it take to activate a Bi Pet Rebates card online?

The Bi Pet Rebates card activation online on takes a few minutes only. 

What is the Blpetrebates and process?

The Blpetrebates is the website that offers you Boehr Ingelheim Pet Rebates using the website Prepaid.Bipetrebates.Com Activate Card.

Can I do Prepaid.Bipetrebates.Com Activate at any time I want?

Yes, the process of activation on can be done at any time.

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