Safeway Survey at to WIN $100 Gift Card 2020

Safeway Survey At – The Rules and Eligibility Criteria.

In order to be allowed to join the survey, you will have to meet all the eligibility criteria of the Safeway survey. If either of the consumers failed to comply with the eligibility criteria of the survey they will be not allowed to enter the questionnaire.

  • The applicant should be 18 years of age or older to be allowed to join the questionnaire.
  • Only legal citizens of the following areas of the United States of America are eligible to participate in the survey including California, South Dakota, Delaware, Washington DC, Nevada, Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Idaho, Wyoming, Hawaii, Montana, and Maryland Nebraska.
  • The Safeway Customer feedback Survey is only available online on its official website
  • It is mandatory that all applicants should have a high-speed internet connection or any of the other following devices: smartphones, tablet devices, laptop computers, Desktop computers.
  • The feedback survey is only limited to its customers and the participation of any of its employees or their family members is strictly restricted.
  • The Safeway Survey will only be accessible in 2 languages, Spanish and English. Attendees are supposed to be fluent in either of the 2 languages.
  • The award is non-transferable and the benefits could not be redeemed for real money.

Ways to Enter Safeway Survey At

Entry to the questionnaire is quick easy and without any hidden charges. If you really want to join the Safeway Survey without the hassle and with comfort, you should obey certain easy steps.

Step 1 – Visit the Safeway Supermarket

  • You will locate a Safeway supermarket in more than 30 locations in the United States of America.
  • If you want to join the questionnaire and win excellent rewards, you will have to visit any one of the Safeway supermarkets, make a quick purchase, because there is no finite amount mentioned by the retailer.
  • You must end up receiving proof of purchase after you make the payment; you can then join the survey using the original receipt.

Step 2 – Check out Safeway’s Official Website

  • The Official Safeway customer feedback survey is only available on their official website i.e.
  • After you make your transaction, you can visit this website in which you are able to access and reply to the survey questions.

Step 3 – Select the Language of Preference

  • As quickly as possible as you browse to the official site and view the webpage, the very first thing you will have to do is to choose the language you want to fill out the survey.
  • There are only two choices available which you can choose from, including Spanish and English.

Step 4 – Enter the Survey Code

  • The intention of the transaction receipt is to offer the survey key to the applicant.
  • It is a 14-digit code written on the invoice.
  • To join the survey, you should fill out all the required fields relevant to the application.

Step 5 – Answer some of the basic questions.

  • After entering all the invoice details including the survey code just simply click on next.
  • You will be redirected to the survey forum. There you’re going to attempt to review all the asked questions.
  • The Safeway Customer feedback survey will cover certain areas like:
    • Product quality and availability.
    • About product price and discount offers.
    • Quality in customer relations and personnel behavior.
    • Personal hygiene and hygiene standards of the supermarket.

All members are encouraged to answer all the questions sincerely because the organization is collecting input to raise their standards of operation and to provide consumers with an out-of-the-world shopping experience in their supermarkets.

Step 6 – Mention your Personal Details Correctly

  • At the bottom of the survey, all entrants are supposed to enter personal information, including their full name and contact info, in order to join the sweepstakes.
  • Try to ensure that you provide real information because the retailer will be using these details to notify the winners of the contests.

A Secret HACK Trick to Enter Into the Sweepstakes without a Purchase.

If you’re not interested in making a transaction or fill out the multiple-choice questions, you still can join the sweepstakes to earn $100 guaranteed prize money.

Step 1 – Mention all the Details

  • Grab a piece of paper, write down the following details:
    • Full Name
    • Residential Address proof
    • Contact Number
    • Email Address
    • Full Postal Address

Step 2 – Mail the Details

  • Once all the details have been written correctly, you can enclose it in a package and mail it to the following location:

SAFEWAY “Survey Sweepstakes,

C/o Stella Service, 75 Broad Street, Suite 1010, New York, NY 10004 USA

Due to the pressure that major supermarkets have to face up to these days, handling consumer complaints and responding to their requests are two items of utmost importance. Nothing is more critical than ensuring that the consumer steps out of the store gates happy with his or her shopping experience. The first and only way a business can sustain these days is by analyzing its customers.

In order to fulfill its consumers and exceed its very own values, Safeway has planned a detailed online survey that makes it much easier for the supermarket to offer what customers wanted from it. Customer satisfaction collected through the Safeway Client Satisfaction Survey motivates the supermarket to accomplish optimum operating functionality and strengthen its customer satisfaction experience.

About Safeway as the Start-Up

Safeway is now one of the biggest supermarket chains in the United States of America. Being an enthusiastic and ambitious man M.B. Skaggs from a small remote town of Idaho, American falls purchased a small old grocery store from his own dad in the year 1915. The business model of M.B., to provide importance to its consumers and to grow while maintaining small profitability, turned to be spectacularly effective. By 1926, 428 Skaggs shops had already been opened in 10 states.

Its M.B. Almost doubled the amount of his enterprise that year when he incorporated his firm with 322 Safeway (formally known Selig) stores and incorporated as Safeway, Inc. After 2 years M.B. listed his Safeway on the New York Stock Exchange. He didn’t even allow the troubles of the financial crisis to weaken his visionary focus on the importance for consumers.

In the 1930s, Safeway implemented the retail price per pound, placed ‘ sale by ‘ dates to perishable items to guarantee freshness, nutritional labeling and even produced some of the first parking lots.

About Today’s Safeway

M.B. Skagg’s significance perception still motivates Safeway, albeit on a greatly bigger scale. Today, Safeway functions as a banner of the Albertsons Company, one of the world’s biggest food and drug distributors in the United States of America. With a large regional and national presence, the business operates shops throughout 35 states and the District of Columbia under 20 excellently-known brands. It currently has a working population of 250000 employees who work throughout all retail outlets.

Albertsons Companies remain focused on helping people across the nation lead better lives by making a positive impact, community by community. During 2017 alone, together with the Albertsons Companies Group, the company offered about $300 million for nutritional and financial assistance. Such campaigns have helped millions of people in the fields of poverty assistance, healthcare, cancer charities and recovery, disability services and veteran assistance.

The Safeway Customer Feedback Survey

When was the last time you visited the Safeway supermarket?

What do you like about Safeway Grocery items and customer relations?

Could you provide some tips and recommendations on how to make your next experience better?

Was it perfect, or do you have to experience some hassle when purchasing at the Safeway supermarket?

The company planned the www.safewaysurvey.netSafeway Survey to provide its buyers with something like a platform in which they can talk about their experiences and notify them of any hassle they may have encountered while trying to shop in the supermarket.

The main motive behind the survey is that you have to answer all the questions honestly depending upon your shopping experience. The organization wants to use reviews to include outstanding service towards its consumers, and therefore you need to provide honest answers.

The company believes its clients to be part of their family and respects their suggestions and thoughts. Using these recommendations and reviews, the business will develop a strong image for itself in the sector.

In addition, Safeway is very appreciative of its consumers for taking a few minutes to complete the survey. As a sign of appreciation and thanks to its consumers for taking a few minutes to provide their honest answers, the company benefits all attendees with Safeway gift vouchers. By joining the survey, you’re not only assisting the company to strengthen its weakest areas, but you’re getting great prizes for it!

More About Safeway Survey Rewards and Prizes

The company appreciates that taking the trouble to complete out a survey will not be as basic as it may seem. Your lifestyle is busy, and by engaging in the survey, you’re showing the organization that it’s valuable to you.

As a result, the company has decided to thank all its consumers for joining the questionnaire by offering rewards to the applicants and an opportunity to join the survey. In other words, Safeway Inc offers enter to win $100 to all its consumers.

Once the survey comes to an end, each attendee will be given an opportunity to join the Safeway sweepstakes. The top prize is $100 in cash, and some other small prizes contain Safeway gift cards worth approximately $100.

Ways to Contact Safeway, Inc.

  • Customer Service Hours: 24 hours a day
  • Customer Service: 1-877-258-2799
  • Support Email Address: CLICK HERE
  • Safeway headquarters address: 5918 Stonebridge Mall Road, Pleasanton, CA 94588, United States


Customer experience is Safeway’s focus, and the company does not sacrifice it at any expense. That is what makes the retail consumer base committed to it. Safeway is a supermarket chain that wants to expand and seeks valuable information from the customer. And, if you’ve already visited a Safeway shop, make sure you leave a survey and give accurate feedback about the support you received while you went.

Safeway Stores Nearby Me Locations

Official Twitter Account – Safeway (@Safeway)

Table of Content

  1. About Safeway as the Start-Up
  2. About Today’s Safeway
  3. The Safeway Survey
  4. More About Safeway Survey Rewards and Prizes
  5. Safeway Survey At – The Rules and Eligibility Criteria.
  6. Ways to Enter Safeway Survey At
    1. Step 1 – Visit the Safeway Supermarket
    2. Step 2 – Check out Safeway’s Official Website
    3. Step 3 – Select the Language of Preference
    4. Step 4 – Enter the Survey Code
    5. Step 5 – Answer some of the basic questions.
    6. Step 6 – Mention your Personal Details Correctly
  7. A Secret HACK Trick to Enter Into the Sweepstakes without a Purchase.
    1. Step 1 – Mention all the Details
    2. Step 2 – Mail the Details
  8. Ways to Contact Safeway, Inc.
  9. Conclusion

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  1. friendly service, I find ALL food from the deli and the Chinese food and sandwiches are made fresh every time I am ready to make a order. They have a very good selection to choose from. The prices are a bit high but I am still willing to buy freshly made food from all 3 mentioned places I listed above.

  2. Surveyer skipped parts 5&6 when I was taking the survey.
    Do I have to take it again to enter?
    Can I leave it with you?

  3. ATTN:
    IT SKIPPED NO.’# 5 AND #6.


  4. I like the selection in the deli at the Safeway store on 320th street in Federal Way, Washington. The one thing I didn’t like was that the black lady working in the deli was using very dirty language. This was not workplace appropriate. I do enjoy shopping at this store, so I hope this problem will be resolved. Thanks

  5. I have faithfully taken the survey for years. Now I cannot find the initial codes to enter from my receipt. The codes should be under the line “Tax” but they entire section is missing. Am I missing something? I have a receipt in front of me, and I see no codes to enter in the survey.

  6. So why isn’t there an actual LINK on this web page to actually TAKE the survey?? gone up & down this page and nowhere to be found!

    1. Exactly. What a bunch of confusing “options presented” and yet, there is actually no possibility of actually participating in the survey.

      Oh, well. I will not be going back to the Safeway Woodburn, OR any time soon anyway. Yesterday there was only one lane open, masked shoppers backed up forever, so I went through the self-checkout which is a disaster. Always.

      Absolutely ridiculously. The corporate cowards who are caving to every government demand that they “have to do this and that” are destroying their own customer base. I have to wonder if they have figured that out.

      You HAVE TO go in one door, and HAVE to go out the other door. I don’t feel good enough at my age, and Safeway doesn’t have anything I need that desperately to double the walking distance to get in and out. Absolutely ridiculous

      I remember living in a free America. It was very nice.

  7. I have been shopping at Safeway for the past 20 years and know Ricky in the meat department; Yvonne cashier and Rodney who bags my grocery. Hector is the store manager. All are exceptional employees and professional.
    Employees in every department have always been pleasant and courteous when I’ve needed their help.

    Survey code: 186608/2108:341/54

  8. I want to comment on one of the staff at #503 in Lake Oswego, Ore. I am in this store at least three times a week and have had on several occasions reported about staff providing me special help. Today Susan who manages the floral department went out of the way to solve a problem for me. This was not a Safeway problem but she heard that I was pressed for time and she gave me a solution. I wanted the store director to be apprised about her can do attitude.

  9. I always get good service at this location in Prescott Valley AZ. The workers are the best. Kelly was very good at the checkout and has a great smile while checking us out.

  10. My family moved to Keizer, Oregon 8 months ago and have been shopping and using the pharmacy almost exclusively. The store employees are very friendly and helpful. The pharmacy employees, particularly Amanda, L. have been a huge help to us in the transition of prescriptions from California to Oregon. We used a different pharmacy in California and have found our Safeway Pharmacy far superior to the previous location. Thanks very much to all of you for making us feel welcome to Oregon!

  11. I had a lot of help in fresh produce. The young man there was still putting out fresh produce and was very helpful with onions, salad makings herbs and bulbs. I also had help in the cheese department. I knew I had gotten a certain cheese there before but for the life of me I could not find it. The young lady was very helpful. It’s nice to be able to go into a store an actually have people who know their jobs. Thank you!

  12. We have used Safeway, Stony Plain for groceries and medications for more than 24 years and have been very satisfied. We are particularly very pleased with the bubble-pack medications service from Lisa in the pharmacy as she has my bubble packs always on time and error-free.
    Neil Sutherland

  13. 58310/0810:151/86
    Went to the Deli to buy somethings and they said they were not open yet don’t open until 10:00 I asked what time it was and I was told they didn’t know. I went directly to the check out and the time on the register said 10:16. I went to starbucks and the girl there watched my cart so I could go back to the deli instead of driving to another store
    They still did not have the lights on but I was weighted on. She was very cranky. My second ticket # 58310/0810:2750/5

  14. 58310/1709:021/56
    Made a quick stop for just a few items this time. Deli was closed. Wish they would open up before 10:00. Had to get cheese elsewhere. Got more than planned. Our cashier was Dean and he was as charming as ever. Very happy to have him ring us up. We had a good morning.

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