Shoney’s Breakfast Hours 2023 – Shoney’s Buffet Breakfast Menu & Restaurant Near Me

shoneys breakfast hours

Shoney’s Breakfast is a very old restaurant chain located in the USA and serving Shoney’s breakfast for a long. Shoney’s breakfast serves various dishes including, breakfast, lunch, and dinner items. One good thing is none of the items on the menu, gets repeated. You will find the different menus in all the menus. If you want to savor the delicious breakfast offered by Shoneys, and don’t miss shoney’s hours.

Shoney’s breakfast was formerly known as the Big Boy franchise, its headquarters are located in Nashville, Tennessee. Shoney’s breakfast is in operation since 1959, and since then it has grown into the casual family business. Shoney’s breakfast chain serves all its customers with authentic and traditional American food, just search shoneys near me, and you will get all the necessary details.

About Shoney’s

about shoneys

Shoney buffet serves fresh-made American food since 1959, as said it has all the different menus on breakfast. lunch and dinner, we will see in this article about ist menu, prices, and shoney’s hours and shoneys near me. Shoney has nearly 1300 outlets serving the love in the form of traditional American taste in 17 states of America. it majorly works at the lower – mid-region of Atlantic states, midwest, and Southern area of America. If you are located in any of the areas, and you want to see Shoney’s near me, just go to their official website and search for their location, or simply type Shoney’s near me in any of the browsers you use, preferred Google chrome.

Shoney’s Breakfast Hours

Shoney’s breakfast hours follow very strict timing in serving breakfast, it opens at 6 in the morning and begins serving the breakfast till 11:00, once the clock hits 11, it stops serving the breakfast, and begins to serve the delicious homely lunch menu to their customers. shoney’s breakfast hours information is given here:

Shoney’s breakfast time:

  • Monday-Friday: 6 a.m. -11 a.m.
  • Saturday-Sunday: 7 a.m.-11 a.m.

Because of holiday, it gets extended.

How much is Shoney’s Breakfast Buffet

shoneys breakfast buffet menu

As we have seen the maximum details on Shoney’s, you might be wondering how much is Shoney’s breakfast buffet? So, compared to others, it is not as much pricey.

Shoney’s Breakfast Buffet Time

shoney’s buffet only serves the homestyle dishes and all of them with an American style and taste. If you want to taste many items at one time, you must visit shoneys at shoney’s breakfast buffet time to enjoy Shoney’s breakfast buffet.

In shoney’s breakfast buffet hours you can get a variety of items. The shoney’s buffet includes items such as All-star breakfast, Omelets, Biscuits with gravy, Country fried steak breakfast, Pancakes, Sandwiches, and Shoney’s special. So this is what Shoney’s breakfast buffet menu is. Shoney’s breakfast buffet price ranges from $2.99 to 11.99. So, we hope it’s within budget. shoney’s breakfast buffet price is quite affordable, it’s not too costly. We will see Shoney’s breakfast buffet hours further in this article, keep reading.

Shoney’s Breakfast Bar Hours

Shoney’s breakfast bar hours vary from the weekends to a regular day, they are from 11 to 12 am on Mondays till Friday. while on weekends it is 11 to 2. Depending upon their location, their timings might fluctuate a little, but we have shown you the general timing of majorly all the restaurants.

Shoney’s Buffet Menu Price

We would like to conclude this article here as you are now completely aware of Shoney’s buffet menu price, and the Shoney’s hour, hope you enjoy your meal there and stay fit and healthy.

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So, we hope we have tried to cover all the details regarding the shoney’s timings, what they serve, when they serve, etc, if you have any questions do let us know in comment section below.


What is the total number of Shoney’s restaurants?

The Shoney’s used to have above 1000 restaurants but now there are only around 150 restaurants.

What kind of food is available at Shoney’s?

At Shoney’s you can eat all the classic American food items.

What year Shoney’s was first established?

It was the year 1959 when the Shoney’s was first established

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