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What is Teco login?

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Welcome once again to our article, today you are going to find out about Teco login. Every thing you want to know you will find it in our article. If you are a customer of Teco Energy then you must have your Teco Log In credentials. You need to go to the website Account TecoEnergy website –

With your Teco Login, you can access all the benefits for employees and get easy work management. If this is your first time using the Teco Energy Login then this article is going to help you in understanding your Teco Account on the Account TecoEnergy.

The Teco Account Login process is simple and requires very basic things that you need to have. The access is specifically for the employees of the company TECO. If you are not an employee then you cannot login to the website using Teco Login.

In this article, you will find the information about the benefits of the Tecologin and the steps after logging into the Account TecoEnergy to your Teco Account.

Before we begin explaining all the details about the Teco Login, let us first understand the company and Account Tecoenergy.

We will go to the steps but if you are not aware of the company TECO, then please read the below information before knowing about the steps of Teco Login.

Information About Teco energy

TECO company falls under the energy sector. TECO energy produces electricity for Florida residents. The company is engaged in distributing Natural Gas and Electricity. The company is from Tampa. Tampa is a city in Florida.

about teco energy

Teco Energy has many subsidiaries that offer quality services like HR, IT facilities, Legal, and many other subsidiary companies. The company is based in Tampa, Florida. The Teco Energy company provides electricity to the people living in Florida. The company has more than 100 years of providing services as it has been around since 1899.

Teco Energy provides electricity and natural gas for commercial uses to 2,000 square miles offering the best industrial consumption of energy. The service area of the company reaches out to West Central Florida. It serves in Hillsborough County and different parts of Pinellas, Polk, and in Pasco counties. The name TECO is an abbreviation of Taipei Economic and Culture Offices. Teco Energy has a customer base of 800,000 that get the services from the company.

There are above 3700 employees working with Teco Energy company that benefits from the Teco Login on the official website Account TecoEnergy.

With the help of their Teco Account, employees can access all the great advantages that help make the work easier.

Let us understand about the Tecologin benefits to the employees 

What are Teco Energy Login Benefits for Employees?

With the help of Teco Energy Login, the employees get below benefits

  • Company-paid holidays
  • Paid Time Off benefit
  • The benefit of Group life insurance
  • You can get Dental insurance by using Teco Login
  • Medical insurance benefits
  • Retirement benefit of pension plan
  • 401k plan saving
  • Long term insurance of car

So these are the benefits of Teco Log In to the employees.

Teco Account Login Requirement?

  • URL official for Account TecoEnergy
  • Username and password of Teco Account
  • Internet browser – updated
  • Please use mobile devices or PC/laptop
  • Speedy internet connection 

Teco Login Steps

You must follow the steps we have provided below. Consider and execute the steps of Teco login.

teco login

  • Please type in the Teco Login credentials – username and password
  • Click on the Log In option.

You will open your Teco Account after clicking the button. You can also click on the direct link 

How to Reset Teco Account Login Password

Reset the Teco login password of your account

click on forgot password in teco login page

  • As per the image above, click on the Forgot your password?

enter username and click on submit to reset teco account login password

  • Once you have added your Teco Login username, click the Submit option.
  • Please follow the password reset steps.

How to Change Teco Username

click on forgot your username in teco account login page

  • Now, as per the image above, click on the Forgot your username?

enter account number and email id then click on submit to change teco username

  • Add your Teco Account number
  • Add your Email associated with the account
  • As per the image above, click the Submit option.

You will get your Teco Login username recovered.

Teco Account Login Help and Contact Details

To solve all the Teco or Teco account login-related issues, please use the below contact details.

All your troubles will be resolved if you use the below details for help.

Official Company website:

Official Teco Login Page: or

Toll Free Contact Number: 888.223.0800

Business Contact Number: 866.832.6249

Polk Contact Number: 863.299.0800

Send mail to the given address

General Company Address,

Tampa  Electric (General)

P.O. Box-111

Tampa, Florida 33601-0111

Tampa Bill Payment Address:

Tampa Electric

P.O. Box-31318

Tampa, Florida 33631-3318 

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Please follow the steps for login suggested above and use the contact details provided. If you still face Teco Login problems then suggest us on your website using comments to let us know what we forgot to include.


Is the website useful to pay pay bill?

If you are a customer and looking for bill payment online then you can easily go to Pay Bill without any trouble.

Do the customers also have their Teco Login just like employees?

Just like employees, the customers also have their Teco Login to access the customer portal with the page link –

How to report a gas leak? Do I have to use Teco’s Login?

Call – 877.832.6747 No. A gas leak is a serious emergency situation and will require immediate support.For that, you do not have to use your customer Teco Login.

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