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long john silvers customer satisfaction survey 2022

Long John Silver’s Customer Satisfaction Survey

If you visited Long John Silver’s Restaurant then you must know that the restaurant is collecting opinions of the customers like yourself via Mylongjohnsilversexperience Com Survey. The Ljsilvers survey on www mylongjohnsilversexperience com is all about finding out about the customers’ experience.

The Mylongjohnsilversexperience.Com is the website that collects the experiences and opinions of the people who visit the restaurant Long John’s Silver. The customers can collect some Mylongjohnsilversexperience rewards at the end of the survey.

By sharing your  Long John Experience, you can earn some amazing rewards like a Free Validation Coupon that you can use at the restaurant to get some food benefits. If you are a customer who has just visited and had a bit of Ljsilvers best delicious food item then this is a great opportunity to share your valuable feedback to Ljsilvers restaurant for getting great rewards.

long john silvers customer feedback survey

For participating in this opportunity, you will need to answer some questions on the My Long John Silver’s Experience Com website. These questions of the Mylongjohnsilvers Survey is relevant to visit to the LJ restaurant. So you must have an idea about your experience at the restaurant. The questions will be based on the quality of the food, the speed, and accuracy of the services, how the staff members treated you, and what was your overall satisfaction experience at one of the restaurants of Ljsilvers.

To access the Mylongjohn survey site, you must own a laptop/ a PC as it is an online survey. It will be more convenient for you to take the survey online and therefore you can take this survey 24/7 from anywhere you want.

So, if you are waiting to share your unique Ljs Experience on My Long John Silver’s Experience Com then hurry up.

Reason To Take mylongjohnsilversexperience.com Survey

The reason for sharing your My Long John Silver Experience is because the company can use the information to improve its services and make the customer services more effective. But you need to ensure that you follow the terms and conditions for the www.mylongjohnsilversexperience.com survey to get your prize effortlessly and effectively.

What is Long John’s Silver?

Long John’s Silver is the place for fish lovers and those who enjoy seafood. If you love to eat seafood and want to have your unique seafood experience then they can remember. If you want to have the services, you will need to ring the bell and give a soothing feeling that is related to the sea. You can get happy moments of sea-prise by the company.

what is long johns silver

Long John is a fictional name of a pirate who sailed the sea. The restaurant became known in 1969. Within a period of 10 years, there were more than 1000 restaurants of the Long John’s brand.

It has been 50 years but people still go to this place to enjoy the unique sea experience and say “Fish, Yeah!”

The founder of the restaurant chain is Jim Patterson.

www mylongjohnsilversexperience com Survey Details

Name – Survey LJ’s Customer Satisfaction Survey
Survey Link https://www.mylongjohnsilversexperience.com
Survey Prize Coupon code for free fish fries, fish chips, and 2 pieces of fish
Receipt Valid for 7 days
Method of the Survey The survey method is online
Citizenship USA citizenship
Age for the survey 18+ Years
Coupon validity for 60 Days
Limit of the survey 1 person 1 reward 1 survey

Long John Silvers Customer Feedback Survey Rewards

The customers get a coupon code for free food items like free fish chips, free fish fries, and also the two pieces of fish. All the prizes/rewards are not transferable to anyone and are used within 60 days.

Rules to Take Part in Long John Silver’s Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • You must be the USA citizen
  • Need to attend survey in English/Spanish/
  • Ljsilvers receipt not older than 7 days
  • You must not share the prizes/rewards with your known or unknown people
  • The prizes and rewards may change according to the company.
  • The age of the person attending the survey must be 18+

Requirements To Participate in Long John Silver’s Customer Service Survey

  • Survey website the active link
  • Receipt with invite code for Mylongjohnsilvers
  • PC/laptop
  • Updated browser for opening the website
  • Strong network connection

How to take Long John Silver’s Customer Satisfaction Survey

The steps we have provided for the Long John Silvers Customer Satisfaction Survey must be followed in their given order. If you want to claim your prizes then you must not skip any key steps.

long john silvers customer satisfaction survey

  • Please from the receipt you have, share your Store Number
  • Right after you enter the Store Number that you visited, share your Ticket Number.
  • Select the language you want to take the Mylongjohn
  • Now click the Start button.
  • Now you need to begin answering the questions in their given sequence.
  • Your candid feedback and Long John’s Experience must be genuine.
  • Your answers will be in the form of rating, choosing from the option, or providing a short description.
  • Complete the survey on www mylongjohnsilversexperience com by providing your contact information.

The answers you provide on Mylongjohnsilversexperience.Com must be based on your visit only. You cannot answer differently than the questions. So, make sure you attend to all the questions in their given order.


You can access this survey by visiting the direct link: https://www.mylongjohnsilversexperience.com/?AspxAutoDetectCookieSupport=1

If you provide only genuine Ljs Experience then you will easily qualify for the prizes and rewards. So make sure your answers are true.

You may face difficulty while taking the Long John Silver’s Customer Satisfaction Survey online. So try to see if the internet is working fine and the computer/Laptop is connected to the computer.

If you are facing problems on Mylongjohnsilversexperience.Com that are not easily resolved by you then you must share your issues with the company on its contact details.

Mylongjohnsilversexperiance Contact Details

mylongjohnsilversexperiance contact details

If your problems are repetitive on the Mylongjohnsilversexperiance website and it becomes difficult for you to take the Mylong johnsilversexperience Com Survey easily, then you need to use the contact information provided below. The company experts will guide you for the problems you have been facing on the www mylongjohnsilversexperience site.

Long John Silvers Official Website: Click Here

Long John Silvers Survey Website: Click Here

Email: [email protected]

Contact Us: 502. 815.6100

Fax No: 502. 8 15. 6298

Company Address

10350 Ormsby Park Place – Ste. 300 ​Louisville – KY 40223

Use the contact details for the Mylongjohnsilvers Survey and if you want to eat then you must find the restaurant near you by using the link.

Store – https://www.ljsilvers.com/store-locator/

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You must attend every question carefully for the www.mylongjohnsilversexperience.com survey. If you genuinely face the issues at the www.mylongjohnsilversexperience.com survey, you must contact the team of experts.

The survey My Long John Silvers Experience is for the company to understand about your unique experience.

You can share if you had My Long John Silvers Experience that was not as per the expectations. The company intends to make the services better by listening to your troubles at www mylongjohnsilversexperience.


Is Mylongjohnsilversexperience Com Survey too long to take?

Taking a survey on www mylongjohnsilversexperience com takes no more than a very few minutes. You can access the Mylongjohnsilversexperiance website any time during the day and take the survey. But you need to make sure you open the Mylongjohnsilversexperiance website with the receipt on hand.

It will not take much time but 3-4 minutes to complete the Long John Silvers Customer Satisfaction Survey.

What must I share in the survey of My Long John Silver Experience?

In My Long John Silver Experience, share your Long John Experience to win the prizes/rewards and let the company give you a chance to voice your experience and opinion. Every customer has a unique Ljs Experience and yours should be different too.

The company cares for its customers and it plans to improve them. change or modify the services and increase your satisfaction. So the ultimate purpose of the Long John Silvers Customer Service Survey is to ensure all the customers have a good experience.

Is Long John Silvers Customer Satisfaction Survey presented by SMG services?

Yes, SMG services are reliable survey services providers and the LJ survey is organized by SMG services.

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